Farmers Loan Waiver; Half Electric Bill; Reasonable Price:Congress Slogan in Rural

Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, is serious over the election strategy by mentor Prshant Kishor in UP.  Rahul traveled 3500 kilometer from Deoria to Delhi wants to maintain impression. Therefore the UP Congress has directed its District presidents to carry out a public awareness program as the farmers loan waiver, the electric bill to be halved and the reasonable minimum rate shouting slogans with the forms  in their districts from 13th to 27th October in forth coming days .
Rahul has already viewed seriously the matter for the purpose of ticket distribution. Rahul and PK will get this field working monitored how much the assignment was finished in the right way by the District presidents; and If not so, there will be taken action against them. The forms for ticket earlier submitted are being scrutinized.
Indeed, the congress workers have handled this assignment with earnestly after the declaration of candidature of 3 ticket claimants who are the first 10 thousands forms made submitted. The inquiry is going on by the telephonic contact and the location confirmation so that there cannot be any fraud. The District presidents are also being monitored in this way.

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