Fight for right in family; BJP says -- don't waste public time!

Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Supremo Samajwadi Party, giving a knowing indication to Akhilesh, has said, "Whatever anybody may say, he is still the ring master." Mr Mulayam Singh in a press conference on Tuesday refused absolutely any type of bickering among the family members and gave a knowing message that the next CM shall be decided after election.
Mulayam, party chief and father, reacts over Akhilesh, UP CM’s statement of his self-naming. There is no dispute since 3 generations of my family. Many members of the family have self-named except Akhilesh.
Mulayam has said that Samajwadi party will decide the CM after assembly election in UP. The Legislators will decide on the Chief Minister. Mulayam said on opinion poll, “The election chariot and Bicycle both will run simultaneous in the UP again after the assembly election.”
Mulayam has said that Akhilesh was nurtured by my sister and Shivpal; I cared him very much for his study. He had called upon voters on my name; I recommended him the CM; now he is free.
Mulayam said, “The government cannot be formed without me. Having formed a small party, I reached on this verge. There is no dispute inside my family. Shivpal is incharge and everything of party. The people love my family.”
The SP Chief said, “The SP has refused alliance with any parties. We walked alone; consequently party has reached here; now this will be top party of the country.”
“The difficult situation can interrupt me for a while, but cannot be defeated”, he said,” He had to named himself; exactly it appears to me that I shall have to begin election campaign on my own but without waiting anybody else.”
Mr Amit Shah, BJP president, addressing in an ending ceremony of organized Dhamn Awareness Program in Kanpur on Friday, said, “While Akhilesh has lost control over his home, how will he control the state? He should normalize first his family situation; then he should see Uttar Pradesh.”

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