Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hit back at Narendra Modi in parliament

Responding to Modi's speech last month challenging Pakistan to a contest over eradicating poverty and other social ills, Sharif said on Wednesday, "If they (Indian leaders) want us to fight them to end poverty, then they should realize that poverty cannot be eradicated by driving tanks on farmlands."
"If they (Indian leaders) wish we should compete them in eradicating poverty; if they wish they we should compete in ending unemployment; if they wish we should compete them in works of public welfare and prosperity; then it is not possible to achieve all these through fire, gunpowder and bloodshed. It is not possible to grow flowers of new job opportunities and prosperity in the fields where gunpowder is sown," Sharif said.
While addressing a joint session of the Parliament convened to discuss the security situation in the wake of increasing Indo-Pak tensions, Sharif accused India of The pretending approach to negotiation and instead creating a war-like environment by blaming Pakistan for the Uri terror attack in which 19 Indian soldiers were killed last month.
"We have done every exercise to make India come to the dialogue table, but India did not let it happen. Our efforts were thwarted over and over again," Sharif claimed.
"Without any investigation (into Uri incident), within a few hours, India blamed Pakistan for the attack," he said.
Sharif accused India of having some "motives" in blaming Pakistan for the Uri attack when it was "not even established" that who was involved in it.
The Pakistan Prime Minister also accused India of violating the LoC ceasefire agreement and launching "aggression" against Pakistan.
"India's ceasefire violation resulted in the death of our two soldiers, when it attacked Pakistan. It was befittingly responded and was conveyed that Pakistan Army is fully capable to respond to any aggression," he said.

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