Very much worried with tension at LoC:Russia

Old friend Russia is by the side of India now after the prevailing tension between both the countries.
Russia has said to Pakistan to take proper action against the terrorists present in the country.
Indeed, America has also opposed the threatening of nuclear attack over India. America is displeased with Pakistan’s threatening to India.
The foreign ministry of Russia has said in a statement that it is with the fighting against the terrorism. Russia has advised both the country not to spoil the present situation. Russia has said that it is very much worried with the tension at LoC.  The trusted friend has said to solve the problem with diplomatic and politically.
A US officer told unofficially, America has clearly said with Pakistan that it is displeased with the threatening of atomic attack. It is very much concerned over the threatening, and the matter is serious.
Khwaja Asif  has said twice within 15 days that Pakistan can use nuclear attack against India. Obama administration after this statement heeded towards Pakistan and has dubbed it irresponsible. The American officer has said over the safety of nuclear weapons that it is monitoring the security of nuclear weapons. The official at US state department has said whatever Pakistan said, but it is watching the safety of Pak’s nuclear weapons earlier.  

Mark Toner, deputy spokesperson of US Foreign ministry, has said America that the nuclear weapons countries have a big responsibility. America has castigated the Uri attack.

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