115 killed;226 injured in train derail tragedy

The 14 compartments in a predawn train accident derailed from the railway track after a big jerk at Pukhrayan in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh . The Indore-Patna Express which was running from Indore to Patna was in speed and the compartments after the derail collided with one another and were falling on the ground. It was predawn time when the passengers had slept in deep. Some of them had closed their eyes forever; and who wake found a scene of shake dream.
According to the report 121 passengers were killed; while 76 were injured in this accident. 150 passengers were minor injured. The victims are being searched by their kin; many fathers who survived are searching their dearest daughters, but are not able to trace.
The administration said that it is in search to the lost passengers with heart and soul
The government increased in the train fare for the purpose of safety, but look at the safety norms of government, which succumbed the hundreds of people into death toll and untraced many is still not located.
When the death toll rises more than hundred, the government announced that the inquiry has been set up, the accused will be punished.
When zero accident mechanism was being discussed thoroughly in the railway development camp, this accident teased the government. The rail minister, Suresh Prabhu, left for the accident spot from the camp at Surajkund. he also visited the hospital where he met with the injured. The minister took the information about the whole incident from the officials. He said, “it is the priority of government to provide assistance to the injured and sufferers.”
The rail minister kept on increasing the rail fare and always claimed that the safety of passengers was his aim, but where has he left those safeties in Rs 1.25 lakh crore rail budget, which was always in his song? The rail budget of FY-2016-17 is Rs 1.21 thousand crore, which was increased 21% in comparison of last budget.
1-If the rail track was broken, why didn't it traced before?
2-Why was the decision taken to run the train If the crack had in track?
3-Why didn't the government take the responsibility for the guarantee of safety in the journey; while the fare is increased?
4-How long it will take to make a solid plan for bridges and track improvement
5-Why the 90 thousand posts are vacate for the safety purpose

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