Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that without preparation the union government has imposed sudden ban on Rs 500 and Rs1000, which is a big difficulty for the common men. Rahul said at the SBI branch, “ I am with the public during this tough time and here to change Rs 4000. It is clear seeing the crowd that the public is facing difficulty.”
He was in queue for the currency exchange.
Rahul Gandhi targeting on PM Modi said that whatever complexities are facing the common men during this regime is not facile to the Prime Minister. Rahul said that the government should be for the public purpose, not for the 10-15 men.

Amit Shah is trying to sense the anxiety among other political parties after the ban imposed over the notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.
"The black money holder, the people involved in terror activities, fake money businessmen, the drugs peddlers and Hawala operators – all may be in grief and it is reasonable,  but a knotty wrestling among the political parties for the decision is surprising”, Amit Shah said.
Amit Shah said, “I accept that all the parties have exposed itself before the public by criticizing the tough decision of Modi government against fake currencies and black money.”
According to report, Not only the common men are facing the difficulty of money availability, which have adversely affected their paying capacities; but also the grocers have stopped the selling of common salt in market which the public are facing.

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