Let the income be disclosed by common men — no need to political parties

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The BJP and the congress both had filed the writ petitions in the apex court against the decision which was given by the Delhi High Court have now been withdrawn. 
The allegations, in a public interest litigation filed at Delhi High Court, were that the BJP and the Congress both had accepted the donation by unfair way in the year 2010; which Delhi High court ordered to the government and the Election Commission to investigate on the matter. 
Both parties filed then an appeal in Supreme Court against the decision of Delhi High Court.
In the year 2010, the government in the FCRA Act had substituted that such donation should not be obligated to disclose in public— both parties then got the heave of sigh! The revision in the foregoing provision of act will affect the preceding terms; or the new provision passed in the bill will affect over the previous terms. Eventually, both the parties have withdrawn the appeal in Supreme Court.
After the revision of act it do clear that the taken decision differ both of them on any other issues else — but they are unite on the donation matter; there is no difference on the matter. 
This is a clear concept that the people will have to declare their income; need not to the political parties.

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