LUACTA greeted Chief Minister on fulfilling of demand

The special secretary higher education, government of Uttar Pradesh, has issued an order for extending the implementation date of Academic Performance Indicators (API) on Tuesday.
The existing API despite few amendments in the past was not favorable to teachers who only do teaching and was also resulting in poor quality research and publication in all sorts of academic journals.
The teachers of post graduate colleges were the sufferers of promotion avenues which were at the dead end have now got the heave of relax after the government decision.
The contentious Academic Performance Indicators (API) that had the university and PG Colleges teaching community up in arms across the Uttar Pradesh since 2015 has been modified. 
The teachers whose promotions were not considered because of API hurdle are eligible to be promoted.
The LUACTA was demanding to extend the cut of date continuously.
LUACTA president, Dr Manoj Pandey said, “The Samajwadi government has been always taking decision in the favour of teachers. The chief minister understood our agony, and has removed the hurdle in promotion pending long ago to the teachers.”  
According to the report, the UGC had implemented the decision by its notification for the promotion of teachers since 30 June 2010, in which the teachers were to be promoted under the norms of API reckoning across the country.
The state government of Uttar Pradesh modified it on 3 December 2013 and relating order was issued on may 2015; but it was counting performance of teachers under API when the notification was effected, and it caused a promotion hurdle.

 In the API, under the category of teachinglearningevaluation, a teacher will have to annually get 100 points at the level of assistant professor, 90 at the level of associate professor and 80 for professors. Student evaluation has been introduced.

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