Rihai Manch protested ban against Islamic Research Foundation

Rihai Manch said in its statement that the Union Government took the decision to ban the NGO, Islamic Research Foundation, is unfortunate for the Indian democracy.
Mr Shakeel Kureshi, general secretary Rihai Manch Lucknow, said on Thursday this week that the Modi Government is following the path like Adolf Hitler.
The constitution that conferred the rights to follow any religion and to work for its publicity is being attacked. The union government and the government of Maharashtra did not comment that Islamic Research Foundation’s activities were unlawful and nor it gathered such any relevant facts, which were in the rank of anti-law.
Zakir Naik, thinker, under whose influence was abetted the terrorists to do the crime was surfaced by the agencies after the attack in Bangladesh; but which thoughts of Jakir Naik made them so insane were not disclosed.

He added that the government of Atal had banned SIMI without evidences exactly like in the year 2001; while the court lifted the ban two times. Many people of the SIMI have been acquitted from the cases.

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