Slogans shouted against PM in Upper House;deadlock continues in parliament

Income Tax revision bill meant PTM ‘Scheme — Pay To Modi ’, says Rahul Gandhi

Amid the continuous uproar on Tuesday in the house over the demonetization issue, the income tax bill has been passed. However the opposition parties strongly protested it. The workings of upper house have been postponed till 11 o’clock on Thursday after the uproar on Wednesday.
The opposition MPs walked out from the parliament in protest against Nagrota attack. Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi said that in respect of someone’s death, according to parliamentary rule, is condoled, but the martyrs have not been paid tribute today, which has resulted in the opposition's Walk-out. Mr. Venkiah Naidu, BJP MP, said that the security forces are continuously combing in Nargota, and after the completion of operation the martyrs will be remembered in the House.
Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister and Sharad Yadav,JDU leader both the leaders over the issue of currency ban reacted with the wrangling. Sharad Yadav posing the issue of Nargota terror attacks said that the currency ban didn’t affect the terror attacks. Mr jaitly said with taunting, "please discuss first on currency ban in your party."
The BSP supremo Mayawati said that the government has passed the revised income tax bill in parliament without discussion with the opposition. We will oppose it
The opposition told that this bill is 50-50 black money scheme on Tuesday. Rahul Gandhi said that the income tax revision bill is PaytM scheme; namely, ‘Pay to Modi's scheme’.
The congress has objected for not being discussed on the bill in the house. That the bill was passed without discussion in the house was voiced by the opposition including congress party. On this issue, the opposition may complain to the President.
While on the one hand the opposition is raising the question about to the passed Income Tax Bill, the sources said from the finance ministry that the aim of revision in the bill is to prevent the effort of changing the black money into white money on the other. Moreover it, the government is interested to spend the recovered black money or the fines in the welfare plans of poorer.

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