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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Clash Inside Church in Eastern UP; Many Injured

By on Saturday, December 31, 2016
A brawl spread over a program held in a church at Moti Pokhara under Shahpur area in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. Many people in the premises were injured. According to the report, a religious consecration was being celebrated here. The people were being Baptized. As the information of religion transformation came out, Hindu organisations were activated. They began to ruckus there. Police are investigating the matter.
The intense clash between both groups has been reported. A huge crowd of both sides were face to face during the clash. During the fracas, manhandling and sabotage, many children and women were injured. The Christian group later has protested the assaulting incident. After the information, Police reached the spot and pacified both the sides.
The religious programmes were organized in the church on the occasion of Christmas, Father told. During the amiable meeting and prayer programme, the gatherings were enhancing the peace and harmony among themselves. The bogus alleging of religious transformation, the miscreants did sabotage and brawl. Mr Abhai Kumar Mishr, Circle Officer Cant, said that the strict action will be taken in the matter.


By on Saturday, December 31, 2016
Samajwadi party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, taking a stern disciplinary action by serving the show cause notices to both, expelled Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of UP and Ram Gopal Yadav, Party General Secretary, from the party for 6 years on. The political upheaval in the Samajwadi family has now turned in a feud. The changing political move in ruling party has now surfaced the infighting into reality. As the news was released, many supporters looked weeping and emotional, and began to shout the slogan outside CM house.
As Ram Gopal convened a meeting without Mr Singh's prior intimation, Mulayam Singh Yadav took action against him on Friday. He has said the indiscipline is not tolerable. Those who are going to participate in the meeting will face their ouster. He also added that the party president has the right to finalise the candidates list whoever may be in fray; none other can release the list.
Ram Gopal is misleading to Akhilesh's future prospects to a dead end, SP chief said in press conference called in hurry. The discipline broke; the decision has been taken. He also said that Mr Ram Gopal has no contribution in the party.
He said, this will also be indiscipline of the ministers and leaders if they participate in the called meeting.
After Akhilesh's oust from the party, Mr Mulayam has said who is next Chief Minister will be announced soon -- because he reserve the right. During the press conference, Mr Shiv pal was present with Mulayam.
He said, he has elevated the party and is not prepared to see its splits. The party is much important than the relation.
The ouster from the party is illegal absolutely, Ram Gopal Yadav said in a statement. Both have been expelled within half an hour after serving the show cause notices; have not been given a chance to respond. He alleged that the party is undergoing continuous illegal functioning.
Mr Ram Gopal said that Neta ji is well familiar with the bylaws of party. As far as the question raised that the party meeting convened, the meeting called upon the demand of party workers. He said, whenever non-Yadavas votes needed, Mulayam used to remember Ram Gopal Yadav, and he said that he didn’t need any government support to work among the people.
Many such leaders who have no ground level fame have been declared as the candidates in the leadership of Shivpal . The raised voice against these resulted this wrong step of ouster from party. The public knows who is his chief minister will affirmatively result in forth coming days. On the other hand Akhilesh said, “party is mine, I have convened a meeting of party MLAs.”
It is noticeable that the list of 235 candidates for the coming assembly election has been released separately by Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday which has resented to Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shivpal issued another list of 68 candidates later.

Friday, December 30, 2016


By on Friday, December 30, 2016
Whether the demonetization commenced last month may heal the peasants in their managed plans which they made inside their huts during the year in rural India? Is this decision in the favour of labourers class who are hand to mouth per day? Or is an attempt of government to oust them from the currencies handling?
Whether the 50 days which PM Modi had borrowed in his Goa speech are going to be culminated or the days is an unending start now? Is it a test of PM Modi upon the 125 crore countrymen without Homework? Or he had measured the area of India in map?
Our first prime minister, Pt Nehru, had written a book in Naini jail; namely, Discovery of India in which he has narrated past and present about India. It means that Pt Nehru had first visited these places, later he wrote it in the book.
After the book, every man in India, who read this book, can grasp the glimpse of Indian origin, but our topic is to understand our present prime minister’s agony for the people, especially for those who are the down trodden, the labourers class, and the farmers. Here one concept which is mandatory for the purpose of government is optimum welfare.
Let’s check the farmers, the labourers and the down trodden’s need.
Remote areas away from the state capitals of this country where India dwells need the coin or currencies. These ghetto dwellers have no surety of income without production; whether it is from daily wagers or from farming? Example when a trolley puller waits the work at a sanitary shop, but the India is not prepare to cashless accepting or paying system, how will he earn his daily livelihood? The money in hand of a labourer is his confidence which give them a new working days confidence. This is the reasons why Munshi Premchand’s stories are so popular in India?
The man uses the mobile phone; he pays for his dearest’s talk, but whether our systems of government are standing to perform their duties or it is only fantasy? The server down problem of internet and its controlling will, or may, torment the people, and the companies will raise undue benefit; while the demonetised currencies had no burden of extra internet toll payments.
Now we are going to transform our account balance from the three dimensions into two dimensions; our entity is on surveillance of government. Now it is to consider that the government is going to pay for this, the point is who will be benefitted by this step? And till what time, the government will bear this burden.
The surrounding condition entails a man to create the reform. Whether it is a government office or it is a business nowadays in the country had no whip to control it from the corruption that has gripped here; consequently the decision was taken in the national interest.

If the blood circulation in a body is controlled, the body functioning may disorder. The currencies play the same role in the society like blood. The cashless process might be run in urban areas, but how much successful is in rural should be concluded?
Kshitiz Kant
Writer is an student
M.Sc (App. Stats) at DSMRU
Comment Solicited Please

Thursday, December 29, 2016

One more train tragedy in kanpur; 49 injured

By on Thursday, December 29, 2016
Again another derailment after a month occurred in Kanpur 100 Kilometer away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday morning this week. 12 people of the 49 injured are serious in this train accident. The injured have been rushed to hospital where they are being treated, but no causalities has been reported so far. Rescue operation is continuing.
The train guard has been injured in Sialdah Ajmer express. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr Akhilesh Yadav has announced the ex-gratia of Rs 50000 to the seriously injured; and Rs 25000 to them who have sustained minor injuries.
Siyaldah-Ajmer express was passing over a bridge near station Rura an outskirt area of Kanpur. The compartments of train fell into dry canal.  Every injured are being treated, told rail minister Suresh Prabhu and they will be given the compensation.
The accident took place early morning around 5.20 am. From the 6th to the 20th train compartments have been derailed. The emergency services and medical teams have been deployed at the accident spot.
The cause of accident has yet to be ascertained. It is feared that the  injured figure may rise. The district magistrate Kanpur rural, Mr Kumar Ravi Kant Singh, said that all the injured are under the treatment.
17 trains of Howrah Delhi route have been diverted; two trains have been cancelled; and two trains route has been run to the short distance.

The help line no --
Kanpur- 0512-2323015, 2323016, 2323018
Allahabad- 05322408149, 2408128, 2407353
Tundla - 05612-220338, 220339
Aligarh- 0571-2404056,2404055

Monday, December 26, 2016

Agni-V tested successfully

By on Monday, December 26, 2016
Agni-5, missile, which can target more than 5000 kilometer range has been tested successfully at the shore of Odisha. Let's know about the chief missiles in india.
1.     Agni-1 has been tested successfully in 2002. The missile weighted 12 tons and is 15 meter long. It can target 700-1200 kilometer range. Strategic force command can ignite this missile.
2.     Agni-ii tested successfully in 1999; its weight is 18 tons; it can target in between the range of 2000-2500 kilometer. The successful test of this missile made Pakistan and China sleepless. Many big cities of these countries are in its range.3.
3.     Agni-iii tested successfully in 2006; 17 meter long missile has weight of 48 tons; it can target in the range of 3500 kilometer. It is a most fierce of the world’s weapons. It has nuclear capacity.
4.      Agni-iv tested successfully in 2011; 20 meter long missile has weight of 17 tons; the missile was developed to fill the requisition between Agni-ii and Agni-iii.
5.     Agni-v tested successfully in 2012; 17.5 meter long missile has weight of 49 tons; the missile was developed to fill the void between Agni-ii and Agni-iii. Inter-continental ballistic missile in india can target in the range of 5000 kilometer.
6.     Shaurya missile tested successfully in 2008; 1.90 meter long missile has weight of 42 kilograms; it can target in the range of 1900 kilometer. It is a hyper supersonic missile.
7.     Programmed Prithvi missile was first developed and was tested successfully in 1988; it can target in between the range of 150-350 kilometer in the field, and is the integrated part of the Indian army.
8.     Nag missile was tested successfully in 1990; 1.90 meter long missile has weight of 42 kilograms; it is a 5th projectile weapons in the series of Prithivi and Agni.  The specialties of this missile have the capacity to fire in all seasons, and the top-attack — to fire and forget.
9.  Brahmos missile was tested successfully in 2001; 8.4 meter long missile has weight of 3000 kilograms; it can target in the range of 290 kilometer. Its speed is three times more subsonic tom-hock cruise missile.

10. Akash missile was tested successfully in1990; 5.78 meter long missile has weight of 720 kilograms; it can target in air from earth; it can be compared with the US patriot missile system. It can target 8 different places simultaneously.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

UP BJP State head quarter turns central halt; Parivartan Rath Yatras meet at Lucknow

By on Sunday, December 25, 2016
Mr Keshav Maurya, BJP State president;Union Home Minster, Raj Nath Singh;Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti; Union Minister Kalraj Mishra in Lucknow
Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
The BJP’s first pre-poll campaign in Uttar Pradesh ends in a mega road show in the state capital on Saturday afternoon when all four Parivartan Yatras— starting from different parts of the state last month— conclude in the City of Nawabs.
The event was attended by party chain of command like Union minister Rajnath Singh, who will join BJP national vice-president and state in-charge Om Mathur, Union Minister Kalraj Mishra, Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti and state party chief Keshav Maurya, who rode a modified Rath called ‘Vijay Rath’ towards Hazratganj crossing.
Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to address a Maha Parivartan rally in Lucknow on Saturday, but the schedule of PM’s visit has changed and now he will address a rally in the city on January 2.
The Parivartan Yatra that started from Saharanpur on November 5 entered Lucknow from Sitapur Road led by legislature party leader Suresh Kumar Khanna. The second Yatra starting from Jhansi on November 6 arrived Lucknow via Hardoi Road led by state chief Keshav Prasad Maurya, while Union minister Kalraj Mishra Mishra led the rally. the Yatra kicked off at Sonebhadra on November 8 and entered Lucknow from Rae Bareli Road. Meanwhile, Uma Bharti headed the Yatra that was started in Ballia on November 9 and reached Lucknow through Faizabad Road.
All four Yatras joined together at Moti Mahal lawns around 1 pm; and thereafter moves towards Hazratganj crossing led by Rajnath Singh in a roadshow.
The Yatras was finally ended at Hazratganj crossing, near the BJP state headquarters, where party leaders garlanded the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhimrao Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and Uda Devi.
BJP’s Lucknow Mahanagar unit had been directed to deck up crossings, bus stations, railways stations and prominent places of public gathering in saffron to give people the idea of a ‘wave of change’ in favour of the BJP. All party MPs, MLAs, state office-bearers and national office-bearers from UP had been invited to the event.
Parivartan Yatra convener and party national secretary Mahendra Singh has said that the rallies have been very successful and the public had supported them by turning up in large numbers to listen to leaders speak in all 403 Assembly constituencies.
In total, the four Yatras continued for 192 days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed Parivartan rallies in all six divisions of the state. Besides, around 172 leaders, including almost all Union ministers and top BJP leaders participated in these Yatras. BJP president Amit Shah had flagged off the four Yatras and even addressed rallies at various points.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Girl narrow escapes from gang-rape in Delhi

By on Saturday, December 24, 2016
Four miscreants in West Delhi began the molestation to a girl on road side in the presence of her friend on 19 December night about 10 O’clock. The incident took place on Pankha road in Janakpuri area of West Delhi, but her friend could not dare to save her from their grip. The girl also began to save herself. When her friend protested, the miscreants manhandled him.
The girl began to scream, but none reached for her help. It is in culture of Delhi whenever someone calls for help on road at the time of any incident, nobody arrives to help the needy. A passerby, cab driver, dared to help her. He began to grapple with the miscreants. He tried also to catch one of them; meanwhile the miscreants shot at the cab driver, Sanjay. While fleeing from the spot, the miscreants damaged his van.
The girl and her friend also fled from the spot after the incident. The injured driver was rushed to hospital by the police from where he was referred to the trauma centre. Two of the miscreants have been arrested after the investigation of case. The persons involved in the case are identified as Anshu Gupta and Ramesh alias Kaku. Many other cases have also been registered against them.
According to the DCP Vijay Kumar told here on Thursday, these miscreants commit crimes of loot at night; and open firing infallible. They could kidnap the girl if they would have a van, but the driver prevented a big crime having shown his courage.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hong Kong withdraws visa-free entry for Indian travellers

By on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Image result for sino indian flag
"The Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals will be implemented on January 23, 2017. The online service for 'Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals' is now opened," the Hong Kong immigration department said in an announcement on its official website.
"Indian nationals must apply for and successfully complete pre-arrival registration online before they can visit or transit the HKSAR visa-free (if seeking to enter the HKSAR during transit). Pre-arrival registration is not required for Indian nationals in direct transit by air and not leaving the airport transit area," it said.
This is a major setback for over half a million Indians who visit the former British colony for business, trade and holidays.
Till now Hong Kong, which is now a Special Administrative Region of China, has permitted Indians to enter with valid passport for a period up to 14 days without a visa. But the facility has been withdrawn despite representations from India ostensibly on the ground that the number of Indian asylum seekers was on the rise, official sources told PTI in Beijing.
Indian officials say that Hong Kong is using the asylum seekers as pretext to deny the visa free entry to Indians who are one of the largest spenders contributing the local economy.
There is also concern whether the move is being brought about by Hong Kong due to pressure from China.
Hong Kong s Immigration department assistant director Ma Chi-ming has been quoted by South China Morning Post as saying that Indian visitors should not enter fake data to try to enhance their chance of entering Hong Kong to seek economic asylum as they would bear legal consequences.

Fight against corruption and black-money are fight of poor and honest:PM Modi

By on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, addressing a rally at Kanpur Uttar Pradesh on Monday. the salient points of his speech is as follows.
  • I salute the EC today that the country's political parties have been called for the liberation of the black-money, the BJP greets it: Modi 
  • During all party meeting before the winter session, I had urged all political parties that the method of donations receiving and its accounting should be discussed in parliament; but was not discussed: Narendra Modi
  • I had appealed to discuss all parties get together Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections; but, because their intention is not to discuss it, the Parliament did not allow:  Narendra Modi
  • Election commission should go on this proposal; maintain the pressure on all parties in the country; take decision after meeting and having discussed with all. Whatever the decision will be in the public interest is committed to implement immediately by our government: Modi 
  • the root of waste of our country is that the origin of the poor were forced to remain poor; it is necessary we should sincerely fight in the battle of honesty as a soldier for the  development of country: Modi
  • Congress was engaged in handling his own legacy; it had no interest to handle the country :  Narendra Modi said
  • On one hand, our agenda is to end corruption and black-money; the opposition parties in Parliament have to stop it on the other. So far, whoever had reined the governments had been a little expensive for them to give their account; so they did not allow Parliament.
  • Today the country is divided into two groups, one side corruption and black money, a fistful of leaders who are trying to save unscrupulous, the other side is full of Hindustan who walk the path of honesty is willing to bear anything: Narendra Modi
  • our government is honest one; is for honesty. The fight against corruption and black-money are fight of the poor and the honest people's; we are going about to win the battle  eventually: Narendra Modi
  • Country's intellectual and people connected with journalism tell to the world that how, despite poverty and illiteracy, country of 125 million people stand to face every sufferance willingly for the fight of honesty: Narendra Modi
  • Not the wave of change in UP; it’s going a storm of change; and every citizen of the state is spearheaded the urgency to meet by the resolution of change: Narendra Modi
  • As long as the people of Uttar Pradesh will not change the state government, there will be no change in the criminal’ possession: Narendra Modi
  • As long as the people of Uttar Pradesh will not change the state government, there will be no change  criminal elements’ possession: Narendra Modi 
  • Today, there is a government in the country which is dedicated to the village, poverty, farmers, dalits, backward and to youth.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Assad,Russia and Iran's -- bloody hands in Syria:Obama

By on Monday, December 19, 2016
During an address to the media, president Obama has warned to Assad and said that he cannot maintain his legality by dint of carnage. He added, “As we are talking at this hour, the world is feeling fear — and is unite against the dreadful attack done by the Syrian with its Russian and Iranian cooperation in Aleppo city!"
He said, "such many places are there in the world, which is facing much formidably." He added, "Because of being American president, I feels the responsibility; I think, ‘What can i do to drive out the children from this situation; to bring the change; to save the life here.'”
President Obama said that the majority support of public when the war began was not in the favour to interfere by US Army; while it is an absolute way to stop the war in his perception. He said, “Until we cannot control whole Syria, the problems will remain so. It seems to be right, but it is going to be impossible without paying the less.”
 Obama’s tenure is going to end next year on January 20th. He said that the unbiased observers should be deployed to watch the evacuation of citizens from the city.
It is noticeable that white house under Obama government has been participating in diplomatic effort to convince Russia to begin the talk on the peace accord between Assad and rebels. But all the effort to ceasefire failed — and now Russia with Turkey is involved in operation to free Aleppo city from the rebels’ possession.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Diploma Engineers Association elected new office bearers

By on Sunday, December 18, 2016
 The executive body of Diploma Engineers Association PWD convened the session for reviewing the strategy of agitation and work of union during the last two years. The newly district level executive body has been elected in this gathering.
     This session was inaugurated by Mr SK Pandey, president of Provincial Confederation, paying tribute to the picture of honoured Late DP Singh. 

     The poll result was announced by the election officer Mr GN Singh. Mr Sompal Singh, president, Mr Ahmad Mubeen, General Secretary and Ranjeet Pratap, Treasurer — all have been declared the newly office bearers of Association.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Youth from UP drive taxis; work as labourers in other states feels bad :Amit Shah BJP

By on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Amit Shah during Parivartan Yatra, Etah, Uttar Pradesh (inset picture)

BJP national president, Amit Shah addressed a rally organized at Etah Uttar Pradesh on Friday. The salient points is as follows...
· SP, BSP, and Congress and Ajit Singh at some places are together stalling development of Uttar Pradesh as “Saapnath” and “Naagnath”.
 · The lack of development in Uttar Pradesh is forcing the state’s youth to migrate to other states in search of jobs
· It feels bad to see youth from UP drive taxis and work as labourers in other states as there are no employment opportunities in their home state.
 · The central assistance being sent for the poor and farmers in Uttar Pradesh is not reaching them because it is being cornered by SP leaders. In the last five years, the humble dwellings of SP leaders have turned into palaces.
 · Massive dose of financial assistance has been given to the state but it has been usurped by Chacha-Bhatija.
· The UP CM has been questioning the central government on the work done in the last 2.5 years. But before that Akhilesh Yadav will have to answer the public for the wrongs done during the five years of his government.
· Akhilesh Yadav will have to answer about the incident in Mathura where government land was encroached for years, the dismal law and order situation that led to the gang-rape in Bulandshahr and the death of 100 people in hooch tragedy in Etah.
 · The last 15 years have seen SP and BSP governments but there has been no improvement and development in Uttar Pradesh. Only those involved in corruption have changed.
· It is corruption, corruption, and nothing but corruption in Uttar Pradesh.
· Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has been questioning us on our achievements in the last 2.5 years. While Congress-led UPA government indulged in a series of scams that cost the nation 12 lakh crore rupees, I am proud to say that there is not even one allegation of corruption against Modi-led BJP government. We have given a transparent government at the centre.
· We have also fought a war against corruption and taken a firm action against the menace. The opposition that was constantly demanding action from the PM on the issue of black money till November 7th is now protesting the government’s decision after it banned 1,000 rupee and 500 rupee notes with effect from November 8.
· The demonetization move has taken the wind out of BSP Chief Mayawati’s sails while Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is undertaking Padyatras daily. If Rahul Gadnhi has to undertake Padyatras, he should do it for electricity, roads, and employment and against poverty and starvation. However, he should not take out Yatras to save black money.
· Rahul Gandhi will not be able to see the difference between UPA and NDA governments till he removes his Italian spectacles.

· Even if BSP, SP, and Congress come together to fight UP elections, it is BJP which is going to form the governm ent in the state.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Information on personal corruption of PM is biggest joke:BJP

By on Friday, December 16, 2016
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi dramatically declared yesterday that the government is obstructing a debate because he has information on "the personal corruption" of PM Modi, a claim the ruling BJP derided as "the year's biggest joke.
Mr Gandhi was flanked by leaders from 14 other parties as he made his announcement; the 46-year-old says the other parties are aware of the damaging evidence he has against the PM.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal posed the question that many have: why not just reveal the evidence rather than waiting for an opportunity in parliament?
The opposition is adamant that PM Modi must explain his reform, intended at uncovering black money and punishing its owners.
 The BJP today said it is ready to debate the notes ban, but demanded that the Congress first give answers on the AgustaWestland helicopter deal after former Air Chief SP Tyagi, arrested on Friday, alleged that the then Congress government had tweaked the deal in favour of the UK-based helicopter maker.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ms Shashikala Natarajan, Trusted lieutenant of Amma, will steer AIADMK

By on Wednesday, December 14, 2016
   In photographs tweeted by the ruling AIAMDK today, Sasikala Natarajan bears shades of  "Amma" as she greets party workers with hands folded at the Poes Garden residence in Chennai that she shared for many years with former chief minister J Jayalalithaa.  

    The party workers are in single file, also with folded hands, much in the way they did before Ms Jayalalithaa, who died last week leaving a gaping hole in the leadership of the AIADMK. The party has requested Ms Natarajan, her long-time companion, to fill that space. 

    "AIADMK party functionaries from various districts today urged Thirumathi.V.K.Sasikala to lead the party on the path shown by Honourable Amma," the party tweeted with the photographs.

    Jayalalithaa was called Amma or mother by her party's workers and millions of fans. AIADMK workers refer to Sasikala Natarajan as "Chinnamma" or little mother. On the weekend, O Panneerselvam, who was sworn in as Tamil Nadu chief minister hours after Ms Jayalalithaa died last week at Chennai's Apollo Hospital, said, "Like Amma, Chinnamma knows each and every party worker. To ensure continuance of the party's functioning... the only way out... is for Chinnamma to become the general secretary and lead the party."
    Some in the party, which Ms Jayalalithaa led for 27 years as the sole, unchallenged leader and decision-maker, have suggested that a special post be created for Ms Natarajan, so that "Amma" can remain the permanent general secretary. The post of additional general secretary has been suggested and the party's general council will decide on that at a meeting soon. 

    "We will elect a capable person who takes care of the cadres and follows Amma's footsteps," said party spokesperson C Ponnaiyan. By talking about Ms Natarajan's "calibre," the party has made it clear that she fits the bill. 

    For years Ms Natarajan lived in the shadows, deliberately kept away from active party politics and the government by Ms Jayalalithaa. But in the hours after she died, it became clear that her closest aide would play an important role in steering the party here on. 

    While the AIADMK has absolutely rejected reports of a midnight coup by Ms Natarajan to ensure that Mr Panneerselvam was elected to lead the ruling party in the Assembly and swiftly sworn in chief minister, Ms Natarajan's was a dominating presence as Ms Jayalalithaa's body lay in state and later at the funeral. She also performed the last rites at the Marina Beach where Ms Jayalalithaa has been buried beside her mentor MGR. 

7th pay commission recommendations for UP employees implemented

By on Wednesday, December 14, 2016
The election code of conduct may be imposed in the wake of coming assembly election in the state. The cabinet of Akhilesh's government, imminent of this announcement, has taken many big decisions including 7th pay commission on-Tuesday this week.
Akhilesh government is going to implement this pay commission since January 1, 2016 and the benefits will effect to pay and pension to the employees since January 1, 2017.
8.5 lakh government employees, 5.5 lakh teachers together Local Bodies, the development authorities of Jila Panchayat, Autonomous Entities, Public Enterprises and Development Authorities — all will be benefitted
The government treasury will outlay the additional burden of Rs 1000 crore after implementing the 7th pay commission. However the government of Uttar Pradesh had allocated the amount in the supplementary budget during the last monsoon session of assembly.
After the decision, Akhilesh Yadav said, “ That the meeting held ended after 4 years and 6 months is a long time. Many other public interest decisions including 7th pay commission has been taken in this meeting. 80 proposals of the cabinet have been approved. A few more needful decisions will be taken in the next cabinet meeting.”
It is to clarify here that Akhilesh Yadav implemented the recommendations mere in 6 months while the 6th pay commission was delayed to implement 3 years. The decision of implementing the 7th pay commission is being assumed an important step of Akhilesh Yadav with hoping a lot for the next assembly election.
Akhilesh Yadav, having implemented the recommendation of 7th pay commission, on the one hand has allured the state government employees; he criticized union government on demonetization on the other. Akhilesh,remarking on PM Narendra Modi, said, “ whoever had counted 50 days, it was overheard, 'he is going to count more 50 days'. The problem cannot be reformed in 50 days; it will elapse a year more.
Akhilesh added that the people are facing difficulties because of currencies ban will voice in the next assembly election.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christians Church Targeted in Egypt; 25 killed,35 injured

By on Sunday, December 11, 2016

Scene Aftermath of Bomb Blast in Cathedral Church at Cairo
Coptic Christian Cathedral church was blown up by a targeted explosion at the national capital of Egypt, Cairo on Sunday. At least 25 people were killed, while 35 were injured in this explosion. It is a deadliest attack over minority Christians in Egypt recent memory.

The bomb was planted already in the church by the attackers, MENA official news agency reported. Any terrorist organization has not taken responsibility of attack so far. 6 policemen were killed in bomb explosion at Cairo two days earlier.
It is noticeable that the IS attacks have grown intense in Egypt after the removal of Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was removed from the Egyptian president post in the year 2013. His supporters had dubbed responsible to the minority Christians dwelling in Egypt. The Copts 10% of Egypt’s population faced the wrath, persecution and discrimination during the 30-years long Hosni Mubarak regime.
The Islamic terrorists had exploded the bomb in Alexandria before it in the year 2011, which caused 21 deaths. This blast had taken place in Alexandria on the first day of New Year.
Two girls, age 8, blow themselves up with bombs in the market on Sunday at Nigeria. 17 people were injured in the explosion. All injured have been admitted in hospital.
Terrorist attack again took place in Turkey. Two dreadful bomb explosions and firing were reported near Besiktas stadium at Istanbul on Saturday midnight; 38 people were killed and at least 155 people injured in this attack reported.
Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu told that the explosion outside the football stadium was a terror attack; it was aimed to damage maximum to the public and the police.
The eerie of rising fume near the stadium was seen after the explosion had taken place. The officials told that the one detonation was through car bomb; while another was suicidal bomb explosion.
No terrorist organizations have taken the attacks responsibility so far. The explosion took place after the match had been played between two famous football teams in turkey. Most of the killed people in this attack were the policemen.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Top 10 anti-aging food ingredients

By on Saturday, December 10, 2016

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By on Saturday, December 10, 2016
Mr. SP Tyagi, the former air Chief Marshal  including the two more persons, has been arrested by the CBI in the case of Augusta Westland on Friday. Mr tyagi is the accused of disposing worth Rs 3600 crore choppers' deal to Anglo Italian company Augusta Westland.  In this connection two more accused, advocate Gautam Khetan and Sanjeev Tyagi, too have been arrested.
The three persons have been arrested under sections 120B, 420 and Anti-Corruption Act 1988. The CBI will quiz to trio in its headquarters . The CBI said that the Westland deal was done worth Rs 3767 crore and the gratification money was 12% of principal amount. The CBI spokesperson said that Mr SP Tyagi, Mr Sanjeev Tyagi and Gautam Khetan will be produced before the court on Saturday.
Enforcement Directorate summoned to Mr Tyagi under prevention of ‘Money Laundering Act’ before his arrest. Mr tyagi had confessed allegedly before the CBI that he had met with the middleman Guido Ralph Haschke. Mr SP Tyagi was summoned by the CBI in last year in this connection.
 What is money laundering?
The concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.
Prior to becoming chief of Indian Air Force, he was commanding the Western Air Command of the Air Force. He was commissioned in the fighter stream of the IAF on December 31, 1963. He is said to have "actively participated" in the 1965 and 1971 wars.
Air Chief Marshal Shashindra Pal Tyagi took over as the 20th Chief of Air Staff of the Indian Air Force from 31 December 2004. Popularly known as "Bundle", Tyagi was born at Indore on March 14, 1945. He is an alumnus of St Xavier School in Jaipur. He was commissioned in the IAF on 31 December 1963 in the fighter stream.
The initial years of his career in the air force, Tyagi flew Gnats with No.23 Squadron and later served with Hunters of No.27 Squadron. A veteran of both the 1965 and the 1971 Wars, he was one of the pioneer batches of eight pilots selected for conversion on the Jaguar Interdiction aircraft when it was inducted in 1980s. Whilst training at Lossiemouth, he was one of the two Indian pilots chosen for a Photo Recce Course at Coltishall with No.41 Squadron RAF.
The ED had arrested Gautam Khetan advocate and resident of Delhi on 23 September 2014. He was accused of money laundering in the Augusta Westland deal. His name was in the Panama paper leaks. According to the ED, Khetan is the member in Aeromatix Company at Chandigarh.

The company had manipulated a huge amount in Augasta Westland deal. Khetan was arrested again in September 2014, but he was released on bail in January 2015. A blue diary revealed the share of  bribe money. The few code word puzzles in the diary have solved by ED. The write up 'GK' means to Gautam Khetan; and brothers mean Tyagi brothers.

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Hazratganj is place of events like Ganjing; no one can raise voice here:Rihai Manch

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The state employees marched towards the Assembly to demonstrate in front here for their demand of pension revival on Wednesday afternoon this week; meanwhile the police lathicharged and injured seriously to a school teacher.
Ramashish singh, 35, a government school teacher at Kushinagar in UP, was marching towards Vidhansabha(State Assembly) with the crowd of employees; at Shakti Bhawan, police intercepted here suddenly the employees, and used lathicharge. Ramashish Singh, one of them, came under the attack and fell on the ground. He was rushed to the near by civil hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.
SSP Lucknow Manjil Saini denied any bore mark injury on the body. The government assigned the case to a magisterial inquiry.
Mr Rajesh Yadav, spokesperson to All Teachers Employees Welfare Association, said, “ after being assured by administrative officer, the employees gave up the idea of moving towards the destination and began to return back to RamLila ground; the police surrounded the crowd at Shakti Bhawan and started the lathicharge. Consequently he was in trap of police and has lost his precious life.”
Rihai Manch said, “The teachers have been attacked by the UP police, and a teacher, Ramashish Singh, was killed and many of them were injured seriously clarify that the attack is not just by the police, but also it is a result backed by government.”