Assad,Russia and Iran's -- bloody hands in Syria:Obama

During an address to the media, president Obama has warned to Assad and said that he cannot maintain his legality by dint of carnage. He added, “As we are talking at this hour, the world is feeling fear — and is unite against the dreadful attack done by the Syrian with its Russian and Iranian cooperation in Aleppo city!"
He said, "such many places are there in the world, which is facing much formidably." He added, "Because of being American president, I feels the responsibility; I think, ‘What can i do to drive out the children from this situation; to bring the change; to save the life here.'”
President Obama said that the majority support of public when the war began was not in the favour to interfere by US Army; while it is an absolute way to stop the war in his perception. He said, “Until we cannot control whole Syria, the problems will remain so. It seems to be right, but it is going to be impossible without paying the less.”
 Obama’s tenure is going to end next year on January 20th. He said that the unbiased observers should be deployed to watch the evacuation of citizens from the city.
It is noticeable that white house under Obama government has been participating in diplomatic effort to convince Russia to begin the talk on the peace accord between Assad and rebels. But all the effort to ceasefire failed — and now Russia with Turkey is involved in operation to free Aleppo city from the rebels’ possession.

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