Christians Church Targeted in Egypt; 25 killed,35 injured

Scene Aftermath of Bomb Blast in Cathedral Church at Cairo
Coptic Christian Cathedral church was blown up by a targeted explosion at the national capital of Egypt, Cairo on Sunday. At least 25 people were killed, while 35 were injured in this explosion. It is a deadliest attack over minority Christians in Egypt recent memory.

The bomb was planted already in the church by the attackers, MENA official news agency reported. Any terrorist organization has not taken responsibility of attack so far. 6 policemen were killed in bomb explosion at Cairo two days earlier.
It is noticeable that the IS attacks have grown intense in Egypt after the removal of Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was removed from the Egyptian president post in the year 2013. His supporters had dubbed responsible to the minority Christians dwelling in Egypt. The Copts 10% of Egypt’s population faced the wrath, persecution and discrimination during the 30-years long Hosni Mubarak regime.
The Islamic terrorists had exploded the bomb in Alexandria before it in the year 2011, which caused 21 deaths. This blast had taken place in Alexandria on the first day of New Year.
Two girls, age 8, blow themselves up with bombs in the market on Sunday at Nigeria. 17 people were injured in the explosion. All injured have been admitted in hospital.
Terrorist attack again took place in Turkey. Two dreadful bomb explosions and firing were reported near Besiktas stadium at Istanbul on Saturday midnight; 38 people were killed and at least 155 people injured in this attack reported.
Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu told that the explosion outside the football stadium was a terror attack; it was aimed to damage maximum to the public and the police.
The eerie of rising fume near the stadium was seen after the explosion had taken place. The officials told that the one detonation was through car bomb; while another was suicidal bomb explosion.
No terrorist organizations have taken the attacks responsibility so far. The explosion took place after the match had been played between two famous football teams in turkey. Most of the killed people in this attack were the policemen.

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