Whether the demonetization commenced last month may heal the peasants in their managed plans which they made inside their huts during the year in rural India? Is this decision in the favour of labourers class who are hand to mouth per day? Or is an attempt of government to oust them from the currencies handling?
Whether the 50 days which PM Modi had borrowed in his Goa speech are going to be culminated or the days is an unending start now? Is it a test of PM Modi upon the 125 crore countrymen without Homework? Or he had measured the area of India in map?
Our first prime minister, Pt Nehru, had written a book in Naini jail; namely, Discovery of India in which he has narrated past and present about India. It means that Pt Nehru had first visited these places, later he wrote it in the book.
After the book, every man in India, who read this book, can grasp the glimpse of Indian origin, but our topic is to understand our present prime minister’s agony for the people, especially for those who are the down trodden, the labourers class, and the farmers. Here one concept which is mandatory for the purpose of government is optimum welfare.
Let’s check the farmers, the labourers and the down trodden’s need.
Remote areas away from the state capitals of this country where India dwells need the coin or currencies. These ghetto dwellers have no surety of income without production; whether it is from daily wagers or from farming? Example when a trolley puller waits the work at a sanitary shop, but the India is not prepare to cashless accepting or paying system, how will he earn his daily livelihood? The money in hand of a labourer is his confidence which give them a new working days confidence. This is the reasons why Munshi Premchand’s stories are so popular in India?
The man uses the mobile phone; he pays for his dearest’s talk, but whether our systems of government are standing to perform their duties or it is only fantasy? The server down problem of internet and its controlling will, or may, torment the people, and the companies will raise undue benefit; while the demonetised currencies had no burden of extra internet toll payments.
Now we are going to transform our account balance from the three dimensions into two dimensions; our entity is on surveillance of government. Now it is to consider that the government is going to pay for this, the point is who will be benefitted by this step? And till what time, the government will bear this burden.
The surrounding condition entails a man to create the reform. Whether it is a government office or it is a business nowadays in the country had no whip to control it from the corruption that has gripped here; consequently the decision was taken in the national interest.

If the blood circulation in a body is controlled, the body functioning may disorder. The currencies play the same role in the society like blood. The cashless process might be run in urban areas, but how much successful is in rural should be concluded?
Kshitiz Kant
Writer is an student
M.Sc (App. Stats) at DSMRU
Comment Solicited Please

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