Fight against corruption and black-money are fight of poor and honest:PM Modi

The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, addressing a rally at Kanpur Uttar Pradesh on Monday. the salient points of his speech is as follows.
  • I salute the EC today that the country's political parties have been called for the liberation of the black-money, the BJP greets it: Modi 
  • During all party meeting before the winter session, I had urged all political parties that the method of donations receiving and its accounting should be discussed in parliament; but was not discussed: Narendra Modi
  • I had appealed to discuss all parties get together Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections; but, because their intention is not to discuss it, the Parliament did not allow:  Narendra Modi
  • Election commission should go on this proposal; maintain the pressure on all parties in the country; take decision after meeting and having discussed with all. Whatever the decision will be in the public interest is committed to implement immediately by our government: Modi 
  • the root of waste of our country is that the origin of the poor were forced to remain poor; it is necessary we should sincerely fight in the battle of honesty as a soldier for the  development of country: Modi
  • Congress was engaged in handling his own legacy; it had no interest to handle the country :  Narendra Modi said
  • On one hand, our agenda is to end corruption and black-money; the opposition parties in Parliament have to stop it on the other. So far, whoever had reined the governments had been a little expensive for them to give their account; so they did not allow Parliament.
  • Today the country is divided into two groups, one side corruption and black money, a fistful of leaders who are trying to save unscrupulous, the other side is full of Hindustan who walk the path of honesty is willing to bear anything: Narendra Modi
  • our government is honest one; is for honesty. The fight against corruption and black-money are fight of the poor and the honest people's; we are going about to win the battle  eventually: Narendra Modi
  • Country's intellectual and people connected with journalism tell to the world that how, despite poverty and illiteracy, country of 125 million people stand to face every sufferance willingly for the fight of honesty: Narendra Modi
  • Not the wave of change in UP; it’s going a storm of change; and every citizen of the state is spearheaded the urgency to meet by the resolution of change: Narendra Modi
  • As long as the people of Uttar Pradesh will not change the state government, there will be no change in the criminal’ possession: Narendra Modi
  • As long as the people of Uttar Pradesh will not change the state government, there will be no change  criminal elements’ possession: Narendra Modi 
  • Today, there is a government in the country which is dedicated to the village, poverty, farmers, dalits, backward and to youth.

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