Information on personal corruption of PM is biggest joke:BJP

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi dramatically declared yesterday that the government is obstructing a debate because he has information on "the personal corruption" of PM Modi, a claim the ruling BJP derided as "the year's biggest joke.
Mr Gandhi was flanked by leaders from 14 other parties as he made his announcement; the 46-year-old says the other parties are aware of the damaging evidence he has against the PM.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal posed the question that many have: why not just reveal the evidence rather than waiting for an opportunity in parliament?
The opposition is adamant that PM Modi must explain his reform, intended at uncovering black money and punishing its owners.
 The BJP today said it is ready to debate the notes ban, but demanded that the Congress first give answers on the AgustaWestland helicopter deal after former Air Chief SP Tyagi, arrested on Friday, alleged that the then Congress government had tweaked the deal in favour of the UK-based helicopter maker.

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