Jayaraman Jayalalithaa is no more; void in Indian politics, says PM

J Jayalalithaa 1948-2016
Azahar Khan and Kshitiz Kant
J Jayalalithaa, iconic chief minister of Tamil Nadu, who had completed to a mythic political journey from cinema among her followers, often in controversies, who knew how to come back after several setbacks, has died after 75 days of struggle of her life.
She suffered a severe heart attack on Sunday afternoon when she had been declared fit to be discharged from Appolo hospital where she was admitted after the problem of fever and dehydration on September 22 this year.

Lost her life battle, AIADMK chief and the CM, J. Jayalalithaa had taken power of her 6th term in Tamil Nadu this year. She faced many ups and downs in her career and won. She stood up and came back in every attempt; and well known for her striving fight against personal and political propagandist, she had born in a Brahmin family at K’natak Mysore on February 24, 1948.
She had completed her famous and high-profile young actress journey of film industry from Venvira’s acting directed and produced CV Shridhar in 1956. She began her debut in films with the help of her mother and she got the fame with the superstar, MG Ramchandran during the years 1965 -1972.
Later she was not in MGR’s contact till next 10 years because he joined the politics and became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977. The president rule was imposed for four months in Tamil Nadu in 1980. MGR became the CM again and during this second tenure, MGR got J.Jayalalithaa joined in politics; however she was not interesting to be in politics. It is noticeable that jayalalithaa had begun her political career in DMK Party, which is in struggle to find its lost entity in Tamil Nadu.
DMK-TMC alliance had returned in power after the allegations of corruption against the AIADMK led by Jayalalithaa in 1996. The alliance was supported by film star Rajnikanth. Jayalalithaa had been arrested after this and against her, the wealth more than income, including many other cases, was registered. Without deviation of lost in assembly election, she joined an alliance of AB Bajpai; but, carrying her political status on nation level, she withdrew the support in year 1999 from NDA led government, which lost the power.
She was discussed much of her drastic decisions in power during the years 1991-96, 2001-2006 and May 2011 to September 2014.
When the state government employees had gone for strike during the year 2001, Jayalalitha, taking a historical step, dismissed the two lakh employees. The state, Tamil Nadu, was in shock now. She had to give up her CM post for short periods when she was proved accuse of TANSI land case; but O. Panneerselvam acted as CM by replacing her. After the acquittal in the case she came back in power again taking charge from Panneerselvam.
The case of 'wealth more than income' had endangered over her political career, but the comeback queen returned at the time when her party was preparing for the assembly election 2016. Her return was a new puzzle for the strategy of opposition parties. When AIADMK chief was framed accuse of wealth more than income case in 2014, she lost her eligibility under a union law. She faced this through law, and she swore on the CM post for 5th term within 15 days after her acquittal.
Jayalalithaa, Puratchi Thalivi (Revolutionary Leader), proved DMK's reckoning false because the election result in this year was supposed to be in favour of DMK. Jayalalitha alliance with the DMDK and Left, her party won the election. The DMK won mere 23 seats in this state election. Jayalalitha’s fame, having high her parties flag, indicated adequately against the Modi wave in Tamil Nadu by winning 37 parliamentary seats out of 39. The opposition was not able to its comeback in power during assembly election 2016.

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