Movie Review : Kahaani 2: released on December 2, 2016

When Sujoy Ghosh got ‘Kahaani’ in 2012, then it’s suspense and thriller made an audience sit in their seats and no one was able to move from his or her seat. But after 4 years, everything is the film was missing which was it’s strength in last time. Bollywood from many years has been making the mistake that they only make a sequel just to make a sequel. Same happened this time.
Direction : Story of Durga Rani Singh is very weak, this film has no much of loopholes that film is not able to give any suspense or thriller. While seeing the film, it felt like the director has no story to make the film, but there were small incidents, which were linked, so he was not able to make the strong story, neither he was able to give us suspense and thriller.
Story : Story of the film is about Durga Rani Singh or Vidya Sinha. She has a daughter, who cannot walk. Vidya has to get her treated. But suddenly her daughter is missing and Vidya gets to know that she is been kidnapped. During this Vidya meets with an accident and goes to Hospital and Police Officer Arjun Rampal, who is investigating this case, suddenly he gets one diary of Vidya and then all the chapter of Durga’s life starts coming outside. The story is about Child sexual abuse and director has shown it amazingly, but this factor is missing in the continuity of the story and Director starts running in a different direction.
The film starts amazingly, but afterward, everything gets Clear and natural. Many questions are raised in the films. In which 8 years old crime case is investigated after 8 years. Why is love story again given in the film? Husband factor is also very weird in the film. There are many such questions in the film.
Acting : Vidya Balan play’s such characters tremendously and this time also, she has tried to do this. But her character is not clear like before and many questions related to her are unanswered. Vidya has not done anything new and there is nothing shocking, but her acting is amazing. Arjun Rampal is looking smart and his acting in the film is flawless. Jugal Hansri is also normal. Bengali Actor Kharaj Mukherjee has played Police officer’s role amazingly, rest have also done good work.
Music : Music of this film was not so attractive, but background score of this film is amazing.
Why Watch : Vidya’s look in the film is completely simple and is far from glamor. If you love thriller film and are a fan of Vidya Balan, then you should definitely see this film.

Name of the Film Kahaani 2
Critics Rating 3 star
Director Sujoy Ghosh
Star cast Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal, Kharaj Mukherjee
Genre Suspense Thriller
Duration 1 Hours 59 Minute
Date Released 2nd December 2016

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