Samajwadi party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, taking a stern disciplinary action by serving the show cause notices to both, expelled Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of UP and Ram Gopal Yadav, Party General Secretary, from the party for 6 years on. The political upheaval in the Samajwadi family has now turned in a feud. The changing political move in ruling party has now surfaced the infighting into reality. As the news was released, many supporters looked weeping and emotional, and began to shout the slogan outside CM house.
As Ram Gopal convened a meeting without Mr Singh's prior intimation, Mulayam Singh Yadav took action against him on Friday. He has said the indiscipline is not tolerable. Those who are going to participate in the meeting will face their ouster. He also added that the party president has the right to finalise the candidates list whoever may be in fray; none other can release the list.
Ram Gopal is misleading to Akhilesh's future prospects to a dead end, SP chief said in press conference called in hurry. The discipline broke; the decision has been taken. He also said that Mr Ram Gopal has no contribution in the party.
He said, this will also be indiscipline of the ministers and leaders if they participate in the called meeting.
After Akhilesh's oust from the party, Mr Mulayam has said who is next Chief Minister will be announced soon -- because he reserve the right. During the press conference, Mr Shiv pal was present with Mulayam.
He said, he has elevated the party and is not prepared to see its splits. The party is much important than the relation.
The ouster from the party is illegal absolutely, Ram Gopal Yadav said in a statement. Both have been expelled within half an hour after serving the show cause notices; have not been given a chance to respond. He alleged that the party is undergoing continuous illegal functioning.
Mr Ram Gopal said that Neta ji is well familiar with the bylaws of party. As far as the question raised that the party meeting convened, the meeting called upon the demand of party workers. He said, whenever non-Yadavas votes needed, Mulayam used to remember Ram Gopal Yadav, and he said that he didn’t need any government support to work among the people.
Many such leaders who have no ground level fame have been declared as the candidates in the leadership of Shivpal . The raised voice against these resulted this wrong step of ouster from party. The public knows who is his chief minister will affirmatively result in forth coming days. On the other hand Akhilesh said, “party is mine, I have convened a meeting of party MLAs.”
It is noticeable that the list of 235 candidates for the coming assembly election has been released separately by Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday which has resented to Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shivpal issued another list of 68 candidates later.

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