Youth from UP drive taxis; work as labourers in other states feels bad :Amit Shah BJP

Amit Shah during Parivartan Yatra, Etah, Uttar Pradesh (inset picture)

BJP national president, Amit Shah addressed a rally organized at Etah Uttar Pradesh on Friday. The salient points is as follows...
· SP, BSP, and Congress and Ajit Singh at some places are together stalling development of Uttar Pradesh as “Saapnath” and “Naagnath”.
 · The lack of development in Uttar Pradesh is forcing the state’s youth to migrate to other states in search of jobs
· It feels bad to see youth from UP drive taxis and work as labourers in other states as there are no employment opportunities in their home state.
 · The central assistance being sent for the poor and farmers in Uttar Pradesh is not reaching them because it is being cornered by SP leaders. In the last five years, the humble dwellings of SP leaders have turned into palaces.
 · Massive dose of financial assistance has been given to the state but it has been usurped by Chacha-Bhatija.
· The UP CM has been questioning the central government on the work done in the last 2.5 years. But before that Akhilesh Yadav will have to answer the public for the wrongs done during the five years of his government.
· Akhilesh Yadav will have to answer about the incident in Mathura where government land was encroached for years, the dismal law and order situation that led to the gang-rape in Bulandshahr and the death of 100 people in hooch tragedy in Etah.
 · The last 15 years have seen SP and BSP governments but there has been no improvement and development in Uttar Pradesh. Only those involved in corruption have changed.
· It is corruption, corruption, and nothing but corruption in Uttar Pradesh.
· Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has been questioning us on our achievements in the last 2.5 years. While Congress-led UPA government indulged in a series of scams that cost the nation 12 lakh crore rupees, I am proud to say that there is not even one allegation of corruption against Modi-led BJP government. We have given a transparent government at the centre.
· We have also fought a war against corruption and taken a firm action against the menace. The opposition that was constantly demanding action from the PM on the issue of black money till November 7th is now protesting the government’s decision after it banned 1,000 rupee and 500 rupee notes with effect from November 8.
· The demonetization move has taken the wind out of BSP Chief Mayawati’s sails while Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is undertaking Padyatras daily. If Rahul Gadnhi has to undertake Padyatras, he should do it for electricity, roads, and employment and against poverty and starvation. However, he should not take out Yatras to save black money.
· Rahul Gandhi will not be able to see the difference between UPA and NDA governments till he removes his Italian spectacles.

· Even if BSP, SP, and Congress come together to fight UP elections, it is BJP which is going to form the governm ent in the state.

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