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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cases to be withdrawn registered against politician in UP

By on Sunday, December 31, 2017
The government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a decision to withdraw the cases against the current chief minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath, Union Minister, Shiv Pratap Shukla and Shital Pandey, MLA from Sahjanwa, assembly constituency including 10 more accused persons from eastern UP. The matter is before the court in Gorakhpur district EasternUP. A letter from the UP administration has been sent to the DM Gorakhpur this week. According to the government, after scrutinizing many facts this decision has been taken.
The case was registered against Yogi Aditya Nath and 10 more persons under section 144 in police station Pipiganj Gorakhpur in year 1995. The matter when referred to the local court, it had ordered to issue non-bailable warrant against all these accused. However the warrants were not issued then.
Many such cases in UP have been registered. Yogi Aditya Nath had introduced a penal code revision bill 2017 in assembly on 21st December saying that the past state governments tenure had slapped more than 20 thousands cases over the public leaders in the wake of its political interests. He had said all these cases are to be withdrawn.
Voice from Public
Human Rights Activist Assad Hayat says that the decision has been reserved on another Gorakhpur communal violence on 22 December after the arguments in High Court Allahabad.
Yogi Aditya Nath is chief accused in Rashid Khan and others Vs State of UP and others.
According to Asad, the registered report reveals: on morning of 27th January 2007, the crime of loot, arson, insult of religious books, and sabotage at Imam Chowk and Mazar, situated at Khunipur, locality of Gorakhpur had been committed by Yogi Aditya Nath with his supporters -- Manoj Khemka, Bhagwati Jalan, Ram Avtar Jalan, DayaShankar Dubey, Harshwardhan Singh, Ashok Shukla, Ram Lakshaman.
The prosecution, Rashid Khan had registered the case under IPC section 147, 295,297,436,506, 153a in Gorakhpur Kotwali(crime number 43/2007).
Yogi had been arrested in this case; he was kept in the jail more than one week and released on bail. He had allegedly narrated his pang, weeping in parliament house how had jail wronged with him?
Rashid Khan has told that the charge sheet against these accused had been filed in the court after the investigation in this case; and the then Mayawati government had approved in year 2009 to begin this trial under 153a; consequently the court ordered of its cognizance taking.
The charges over the accused were to be framed after this order, but the court did not take any proceeding till 2014.
Manoj Khemka filed his objection was that the approval to begin the trial in year 2009 was illegal because of the order, instead of signing by Principal Secretary, was signed by Under Secretary whose signature is ineligible to begin the case.
Lower Court in year 2016 ordered on Manoj Khemka’s objection that the prosecution approval order has been issued after the governor’s assent and that order’s copies endorsed to the police officers were sent.
Next hearing was to be on 16th April 2016 that the judge was transferred. The new judge on criminal revision 558/2014 gave an adverse order, ignoring the previous one, and upheld the defendant’s statement that the government approval of prosecution was illegal.
Asad Hayat says that Rashid Khan challenged in High Court and the hearing was done. He pleaded that Under Secretary, Ramhet, had communicated to the court about the governor’s assent and the Principal Secretary’s approval which he had got on the file and attached its copies to the letter. The order issued by PS can be summoned from the office.

Farman Ahamad Nakvi contended before the court: "the issue is here that there is a foul play to save the political persons and the records inside the files are being wrapped. Incase let it be assumed that the signature has not been done by PS JB Sinha, the Under Secretary Ramhet’s signature on papers are fake. If it is in reality, shall it be assumed that this matter is still in pending under consideration of state home ministry; if so, who will give the approval of prosecution?  Whether the accused person, who is home minister and chief minister of state, will do it?”

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

IPR stops IAS promotion; officers submit details by 31st January 2018: government

By on Tuesday, December 26, 2017
This is not the first chance when the government has tightened its rope over the administrative officers for the declaration of their wealth within next month. they have been warned that they will not be promoted and given vigilance clearance for the foreign posting if they don’t do so.
Personnel and training department (DoPT) has issued a letter giving direction to take Immovable Property Return details of administrative officers till January 31th, 2018 working under the departments under central government and the states and the Union Territories.

Mr PK Tripathi, Additional Secretary and establishment officer, has said recently, “It is repeatedly said in compliance with the directives of DoPT issued on April4th, 2011 that the vigilance clearance shall not be approved if the IPRs are not submitted within the stipulated time.

According to the directives, the officers who fail to submit their IPR till January31st, 2018 will not be able to get the vigilance approval and shall not be considered for the senior post promotions in the central government.

Friday, December 22, 2017

if accused are acquitted from 2G and CWG; why so uproar was maintained over these…?

By on Friday, December 22, 2017
Former Telecom Minister A Raja and Upper House MP Kanimojhi including 17 more accused in the matter of 2G Scam have been acquitted from the Court. On Thursday special court, hearing this case, has given its decision.  In this matter 14 people including 3 companies--Reliance Telecom, Swan Teleco and Unitech have been accused.
Justice OP Saini, Special Court, acquitting the accused, has commented that the prosecution side was not serious about to prove this case. Mass people on social media have targeted the CBI agency on this basis. Kumar Vishwas, leader of AAP, has posted a taunt over Face Book that 'TOTE NE ULLU BANA DIYA' (a Parrot fooled us)! TV journalist has twitted that, after the astounding decision of 2G scam case, I am confident strongly now that the CBI is third class agency. It does appreciable work on politically biased cases. It works cheap in the investigation of financial matters.
As soon the court announced its decision, the Congress party has said it’s our moral win and the Congress supporters have shared this news with confidence over social media. Cartoonist Manjul has twitted over such reactions of Congress and its supporter that instead of taking attention over the lapse in the judicial system, the people are celebrating the scandlers' acquittal. Oh God! Thou art mere master of this Country.

BJP in 2014 election had voiced up this matter and it is assumed that the party got much political benefit. Many people on social media through this decision has inquired the Union Government and BJP.. Anuranjan Jha has pinched, ‘The person who were jailed in tenure of most corrupt Government have been acquitted in the honest Government.’ Senior Journalist MK Venu has posed a question over twitter, ‘The special Court CBI has said that 2G accused are being acquitted in the lack of evidence. Was the 2G case intention just to bring the BJP government in power and to save all the involved capitalists from the case?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Students confrontation in BHU; arrest of student leader sparked violence in university campus

By on Thursday, December 21, 2017
Violence erupted in Banaras Hindu University again. A ruckus incident sparked in the campus in a protest against the arrest of Ashutosh Singh, Leader (Samajwadi Student Union) in Varanasi Eastern district of UP on Wednesday evening.
The violent students have done the sabotage and arson in the campus. There is a fear and panic again  in the near by area.
Aushtosh Singh has been accused in the matter of brawl for the DJ night programme in IIT BHU. There was a resentment prevailed in the campus among the students after his arrest.
Meanwhile a clash between the police and the demonstrating students has been reported. The violent students set on ablaze a public bus and more than 50 vehicles have been reported to be damaged. Stone pelting have also been reported.
A tension after this incident in the area and in the campus has been reported. In another incident, a brawl had sparked when a girl student was teased in BHU campus in the month of September this year. The students(girls and boys)  and the Police were face to face in the clash. During this protest Police had used tear gas cell and lathicharged over these students. The matter was in the political eyes.
The country wide demonstration had been reported including Varanasi and Delhi. The UP Government had to order for the judicial inquiry in this matter. The 20 people including Omkaar Singh (former proctor) had been summoned by the Crime Branch in the matter of lathicharge over the girls students.

Exactly after this the VC,Grish Chand Tripathi, became the scapegoat. The CM UP Aditya Nath had to clarify in this matter. He had said that the incident was abetted to conspiracy by the outsider. CM Yogi had said even so that he had a list of those people who were indulge in the violence. All the faces of committing the violence had been saved in the cameras.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

CDO Shahjahanpur exposed scam worth Rs 1.25 crore

By on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Street and solar light scam worth Rs.1.25 crore has been surfaced in 78 villages of Shahjahanpur in UP. CDO Shahjahanpur has exposed this scam. According to the report, the collusion between the village heads and village development officers executed this scam. However the recoveries of the purchased light stuff worth Rs 1.25 crore have begun taken in action; and together the notice for this purpose have been issued to the village-heads and the secretaries.
Recently in the month of October,  Sanjeev Singh, CDO, had said that some bungling in the  home allocation under Pradhan Mantri Gram VIkas Yojna was seen prima facie which were sanctioned for    the 9678 poor villagers beneficiaries in this district had been given. This project had the directives of government to grant the fund of Rs one lakh twenty thousand to each beneficiary, but it has been reported that the village heads had taken the hefty graft money first to get the beneficiaries fund under this scheme. The inquiry for this misappropriation of fund is going on.
The cost for the street light has been paid Rs 5440 for Banda and Khutar villages, while the market price is Rs 1000 each. The cost for the solar light has been paid Rs 22000 each while its market price is Rs 10000 each. 78 villages of these two blocks were supplied the Solar lights system. The money was shiphoned off with the collusion of the village heads and the village secretaries who executed the purchasing order violating the rules. Single firm of the area had supplied these lights stuff.
When the complaint came, the scam truth surfaced after the constituted five members committee investigated the case. CDO has taken stern action against the accused and issued orders to recover the money siphoned off. The village heads and the secretaries have also been issued notices. The orders have created panic among the 78 villages.
In the wake of this scam, the CDO has ordered to set up the inquiry into the other areas of this district to assess the scam.

Judicial Corruption and Democracy: Rihai Manch organised Symposium

By on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

 A conference on ‘Judicial Corruption and Democracy’ was held by Rihai Manch in Press Club Lucknow on the occasion of its 10 years campaign against the imprisoned innocents on the name of terrorism this Saturday last week.
Mr Prashant Bhushan, senior advocate Supreme Court India, addressed here said that Modi government is hell-bent to weaken every legal organization.
The fear and panic is being created surrounding in the society, which was even not during the emergency.
The democracy was in danger during emergency period, but the civilization is in danger during the tenure of this government.
The murderers’ gangs under the tacit acceptance of government are wandering freely who are not only murdering ruthlessly, but they are also releasing video of which likes are constantly increasing among humanity.
The social media is being used for the crime and Modi get his photograph shooting with the operatives of such crime. Such appreciation of murderers was seldom or never seen in our civilization.
Whether it is judiciary or investigative agency – all are being tried to be made henchmen. Many are now disciples and some of them are going to be baptized.

The man who is named in Sahara and Birla case has been appointed CVC member; another of them is that who has faced the allegation of leaking the secret report of a bank officer. Both of them are the men of Modi and Shah.
We are well familiar in Rakesh Meena matter how he was brought in CBI in spite of many objections. The head of election commission has been chief secretary of Gujarat government.
 The Modi government has appointed chairman its close man to the petroleum department in Gujarat and licensed to its close companies to fetch the petroleum gas in which the money of general public was siphoned off. The scam was worth Rs 20 thousand crore. The important clue is that there was no gas found in this work.
The apex court had ordered V-pad on EVM 10 years ago. Now election commission accepts merely that it will check V-pad of one assembly constituency. The companies which have been given the tender to make chips are alleged that all those are linked with the BJP. These situations create suspicion. Now the Supreme Court itself denying to order over it.
The apex court in the constitution is not an organization to resolve the dispute between two parties merely, but it has the responsibility to protect the fundamental rights. If the government is not performing over its responsibility, the judiciary takes cognizance; but the judiciary intents to get rid of responsibility today. A few judges’ concept are that they are free to do what they think fit.
The freedom means to judiciary is its freedom from the government so that to monitor over them. If the corruption is not prevented in the judiciary, the freedom of judiciary will be ruined.
Mr Bhushan said that the judicial corruption in the matter of Prasad Educational Trust (Medical College) could be understood. The matter is in public domain. The judges of apex court are involved in this case  in which three crore Rupees had been demanded for the favourable order. Rs of 2 crore were seized in this matter during the raid. The case shows the involvement of CJI in CBI FIR. If the CBI investigates this case, it can blackmail CJI what has begun to emerge.
We went to Supreme Court in this matter and requested the SIT inquiry. At the hour, chief justice was on court. He constituted bench and he himself was chairman, three of the five were those whose involvement had been contemplated in this case.
Our petition was dismissed and we were fined Rs 25 lakh. The question is here whether Supreme Court desires:  the judges’ involvement should be investigated by the CBI. What is the problem if the judges should be investigated in this case in the monitoring of judges? How much neutral are the HCs and the SC can be understood. The government wants dishonest judges so that it can blackmail them.
There should be an independent inquiry commission to redress the complaints against the judges.
There has been grown the cases in numbers to misuse the contempt of court. The judges have assumed themselves a king.
They don’t understand to reply of any question inevitable. There is big corruption among the judiciary, but there is no way of solution to relieve from it.
Early days instead of knowing law it was important before the appointment of judges to be acquainted with the law minister, but there must be acquaintance today with the CJI. Now he can select anyone. There is no transparency in the appointment. We have been demanding the judicial commission always from government.
Prashant Bhusan said that our judicial system could not give the justice to the 1% people of country. The law commission report is waiting for the past 25 years. The government is not interested there to be overhauled in the judicial system. The retired judge is accumulating the money in crore now. This ploy shall not be eliminated till there is brought a judicial reform. The public can change it. There is need of an agitation for this purpose.

Mohd Shueb, advocate, Chairman Rihai Manch, said that the judicial corruption has the correlation with the political corruption, so the people voice rising against the political corruption shall have to speak against the judicial corruption. Both are working to save each other. This is the reason why Rihai Manch fights in the court and on the road for the question of people being trapped in the name of terrorism. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Strict comment of HC Allahabad on bureaucrats of country: Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam-2011 yet to be implemented

By on Friday, December 15, 2017
High Court of Allahabad has said hard comment on bureaucrats. Court has said that the government officials (bureaucrats) are deceiving the country since last 70 years.
According to Hindustan Times SP Kesarwani J., hearing a case which is before the court for the past 19 years, has said so. He, condemning the bureaucrats for the delaying to commence 'UP Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam 2011', said, “The laws to control the corruption are formulated knowingly complicated so that the corrupt officers responsibility could not be fixed.”
Kesarwani J. said on the matter in the court, “A person wants to get the income certificate. The work must be within two days, according to rules. If the filed application is remained unconsidered within two days, it is become itself cancel. There is provision to first appeal against on not being issued the desired certificate. If the plaintiff is not satisfied, he or she can file second appeal; consequently the insensitive officer can be punished by fines. But the appellate officers should have been appointed in every department to take such action. Still even after abiding six years of Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam 2011 let it has not been yet possible; unlike it the rules for this purpose have been made too tough to be exercised. Now there is no way to applicant except to pay graft to get affirmative result of certificate.”

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Drowning of Indian girl at Australian beach is mere accident or a laxity of care taking

By on Thursday, December 14, 2017
A member of Indian Women Football Team died when drowned in water Australian beach.  Is it to be seen mere an accident?
Whether it is a sudden occurred accident on which, expressing a grief, let it be said, 'to be careful in future'? Or what had happened there is correct let it be assumed??
It is noticeable that a few children(teenage girls) under-18 Pacific School Games Championship held in city Adelaide Australia were on beach wandering at Glenelg.
5 Indian children were very close to sea water and a sudden surge of wave came at seashore; then it ebbed and took them all in. As soon the people could understand, 5 of them were drowning. It was a narrow escape when divers rescued 4 children(girls) there, but one of them drowned and her body was recovered next day. Another teenage girl’s condition has been reported to be serious.
The question is here: when 4000 children had been invited from different countries in the Pacific School Games, who were responsible for their care taking, security and monitoring?
A crew of 120 players from India had gone to Adelaide for this purpose.
This can be well contemplated of official laxity that they were handed over the responsibility of all the children; but they were busy to wander with his family somewhere else in Australia
Now the question is here which rules confer the officers to allow them to take their families with these children in the school sports championship.
If the officers had performed their duties to care these children instead of wandering, there would not have died a baby and other children  also would not have been in danger.
It is stunning that two boys had drowned in the year 2016 during the New Year celebration at Glenelg. It was not first incident there during Pacific School Games.
Indian Girls Hockey Team which had gone in Australia earlier reported many inconvenience there.
If the players' complaint was that of edible food and that of taxi for taking them to the field had not been arranged; this can be well understood that the organizers were how much sensible for the participants
An important fact is that Pacific School Games had been organized with the joint work of Australian government and Australian Schools Sports while the Federation of International School Sports had not given recognition to these sports.
The question is here if the 4000 children from different countries had been participated, which agencies had them allowed to send there. If any agency had them carried there, that agency cannot ignore its responsibility from the security of these children; consequently the responsibility should be fixed to that agency. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Demonetization declined jobs opportunities of MBA degree holders: Assocham

By on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

B-Category Business Schools in India are on verge of close; 250 of them have been locked

The Associate Chamber of Commerce India is going to release a report over the business school of B-Category in country which says that the GST and the demonetization have undeserved the placement  record of these schools.
20% of alumni who possess the MBA degrees of these schools are not getting the placements.
The businessmen and the industrialists are showing their no interest towards the establishing of new units or new business; the cause behind this apathy is told the demonetization. There are employment crises in the market for this reason. 30% degree holders were able to get the placements, but since November 8, 2016, the placement has recorded declining.
The salary packages which were offered after completing the management and the engineering degrees have been decreased from 40 to 45% in comparison of last year.

All India technical education board (AICTE) stats exhibits that more than 50% of MBA degree holders are yet not get the jobs during the education session 2016-17.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan retires from legal profession

By on Monday, December 11, 2017
Senior Advocate Rajeev Dhavan has retired from the legal profession.
In a letter addressed to Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, Dhavan states,
“After the  humiliating end to the Delhi case, I have decided to give up court practice.
You are entitled to take back the Senior gown conferred on me, though I would like to keep it for memory and services rendered.”
Recently, Dhavan has had a series of spats with various judges at the Supreme Court.
In 2013, during the hearing of the 2G case, Dhavan had hit out at Justice GS Singhvi for refusing to hear a case and recusing from the matter.
The fact that the Court had adjourned the matter did not go down well with Dhavan, who was representing one of the news magazines. He took strong objection to the same and demanded that he be heard the same day. When the Court refused to entertain him, an agitated Dhavan said,
“It is highly unfortunate. I don’t want to say this at a time when my lordship is retiring but I have to say it is highly unfortunate. You are denying me an opportunity to respond on the plea. It is highly arbitrary.”
A composed Justice Singhvi had, however, answered in a repetitive “very well”, and recused himself from the matter.
In 2014, during the hearing of the SEBI-Sahara matter, he antagonized the Bench of Justice KS Radhakrishnan and JS Khehar resulting in strong observations against his conduct.
Subsequently, he also had a tiff with former Chief Justice of India TS Thakur in the same case twice – in 2014 and 2016. Justice Thakur even went on to remark that the court should consider withdrawing senior designation of lawyers who are discourteous in court.
And most recently, he had a spat of Chief Justice Dipak Misra in the NCT of Delhi v. Lt. Governor case, with Misra J also taking serious objection to Dhavan’s conduct.
Dhavan was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court on May 11, 1994.

In September this year, Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani had also retired from the legal profession.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Mansarovar gruesome murder mystery solved; five arrested

By on Thursday, December 07, 2017

 Delhi police has claimed that the sensational murder mystery of Mansarovar Park New Delhi solved. Police has arrested five persons in this connection. The police has said that the son and the son-in-law of security guard of this family are said allegedly to have involved executing these murders.
4 women of a family and one security guard were killed this year on October 7.The sharp edge knives were used to execute these murders and the bore marks of stabbing were on their bodies.
Police got information and reached the spot. In the prima facie investigation revealed that the bodies of four women were lying inside home and guard’s body was near the door. Police had taken the help of crime branch and forensic experts on the spot. The whole area was sealed. Police began its investigation; found broken cupboard; however the jewelries which they had worn were intact.
According to police, the 7 brothers are in Jindal family. Police were then investigating the case on property dispute in the family. All the deceased were of same family – one of them mother and three were daughters.
The Jindal family had suspicion that the white washing workers who were on there since past 15 days might have executed that incident.
 The family members had told, “There were no family disputes over the property.”
Now the crime branch of Delhi police has solved this case. The 5 persons have been arrested. The stunning facts are that the accused are of the deceased security guard’s family.
According to Alok Kumar, joint commissioner crime branch of Delhi, “Security guard, Rakesh, had gone to his home Bagpat during Rakshabandhan and he hatched the loot conspiracy there with his family. During the halt in Baghpat he had informed the stashed hefty cash and the jewelries in Jindal house to his son and the son-in-law."
Rakesh then abetted both to execute the loot. The son, Anuj, and the son-in-law, Vikas with the five others had hatched to execute it on 6th October 2017.
Both gathered with the 5 others that night at Loni area in Delhi and then they all boarded on two separate Auto reached to Jindal Oil Mill. The security guard had got the 7 accused trespassed into the home; then deceased Rakesh called a woman in family for out. As soon the woman of family opening the door came out, Vikas and Anuj escorted the woman toward inside the room and murdered 4 women of a family.
The accused killers of four women decamped with the booty from the spot; but the question is still here why they killed the security guard, Rakesh; while he was the mastermind of this incident.
Actually Anuj, son and Vikas, son-in-law both were afraid of that Rakesh had confessed before the police when this gruesome murder case would have surfaced in public. This confused both for committing Rakesh's murder.
7 of them, after murdering five, reached to the park near GTB hospital where they divided their shares of the money and jewelries. None could doubt over these men, so they resumed their normal duty in the morning...

5 of the seven accused have been arrested so far; namely, Anuj, Vikas, paternal aunt’s son, Sunny, Vicky and Neeraj. other two are still absconded.

Monday, December 04, 2017

'How dare i forget that i'm Hindustani?': Shashi Kapoor is no more

By on Monday, December 04, 2017
Shashi Kapoor 18th March 1938 - 4th December 2017
Never seen this evening as before; 
by mistake, where have I come...?
Here I am stranger… here I am...
Whatever am I… just, I’m that....
Here I am stranger....Here

Shashi Kapoor had born on March 18th, 1938 as a fourth son in the home of Prthvi RajKapoor, who is looked as father in Hindi cinema. He died on 4th December 2017. He was youngest son of Prithvi Raj Kapoor. His mother’s name was Ramsharni Kapoor.
Shashi Kapoor, a handsome personality, was named Balbir Raj Kapoor in his childhood. Shashi Kapoor had fond of acting in the stage play of school in his childhood. His desire was never fulfilled there, but he got a chance to begin in ‘Prithvi Theatre’.
His acting career debut began in 1944 from ‘Shakuntala’ stage play at Prithvi Theatre. He began his film acting career as a child actor.
In his matrimony he did different. He joined ‘Shakespearana’ the Godfray Candle Theatre group which was on visit to India during his working in Prithvi Theatre. He travelled around the world working with the theatre group and he staged many plays with Godfray’s daughter, Zenifer. Meanwhile he and she both fall in love; and in his 20 years age he tied in nuptial with Zenifer who was 3 years bigger than his age. It was, in this way, first such marriage of Kapoor’s family.
he worked in many films like Junoon, Kalyug, 36 Chaurangi Lane, Utsav in the direction of Shyam Benegal, Aparna sen, Govind Nihlani, Girish Karnad. These films were not get success at the box office, but all these were greatly appreciated by the critics and these films are still considered milestones.
Shashi Kapoor was first one of the Indian actors who worked in British and American films at international level. his English films are: Householder. Shakespeare Wala, Bombay Talkies and Heat and Dust.
For his contribution in Hindi cinema he was felicitated with the Dadasaheb Phalke award.
He achieved national award for producing his film Junoon. He was felicitated with the national award for acting in ‘New Delhi Times’ and he achieved Padma Bhushan in 2011.
He was given for best actor ‘Bombay Journalist award in film ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’; and for film Muhafiz, he was given national award of special jury.
He had said goodbye to Bollywood. His final movie of cine career was Jinnah in 1998.


By on Monday, December 04, 2017

Cyclone OCKHI has changed its direction and begun to move towards Surat South Gujarat city.
The coastal area of Surat and the North of Maharatra have been put on high alert in the wake of prediction that OCKHI is to pass in this area in deep depression midnight of December 5. the fishermen have been prohibited to sail in the ocean.
The cyclone’s presence has been reported 1000 kilometer away from Surat in the South-West.the wind of this cyclone is about 150 kilometer per hour.
It will be weakened a little on late evening of December 4. As it will move towards Surat, the bigger change in the weather will be recorded in the coastal area of North Maharastra and South Gujarat. The high waves are also perceived because of speedy wind.
As soon it will reach to the coastal area of Surat, its wind speed will down to 70 kilometer per hour. The heavy rain fall on December 5 in the Saurastra and South Gujarat has been alerted. The wind can damage the mud made houses.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu wins gold in World Weightlifting championship

By on Friday, December 01, 2017

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, India, has bagged gold medal in the going on world weight lifting Anaheim city  USA. Chanu has lifted 194 kg weight in this 48 kg weight group participant for women. She 85 kg first (snatch) and 109 kg weight ( in clean and jerk) lifted. India has bagged with this win a gold medal in the weight-lifting exactly 22 years later.
Karnam Malleswari, in 1994 and 1995, had bagged such golden success in this championship for India.
Meerabai expressed her pleasure on this success and said that she was confused a little in Anaheim like Rio Olympics; but, maintaining her concentration despite all these, she bagged gold medal in weight lifting in clean and jerk.
Thunya Sukcharoena,Thailand, has to console herself with the silver medal in this world weight-lifting championship; while she had bagged 3 gold medal held junior world weight lifting championship for 48 kg in Japan this year in June. She was being looked as a strong claimant to capture the gold medal in the world championship.
President, PM, Sports Minister and many Indian renowned personality have congratulated her on this success.
President Kovind tweeted

Sunday, November 26, 2017

One more hearing failed

By on Sunday, November 26, 2017
Kin raises questions over Judge's death who was hearing Sohrabuddin encounter case
The kin on the sudden death of Justice Brij Gopal Loya have posed many questions breaking their silence after three years. Justice Loya, special CBI court, was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter case.
Many names of higher officers of Gujarat government including Amit Shah were surfaced in this hot spot case.
The Carwan magazine published a report on Monday last week referring the talk with the kin of Brij Gopal Loya. The family has posed the question over the suspected circumstances of Loya’s death.
It is noticeable that Loya’s death had taken place in Nagpur on 1st December 2014.  The cause of death had been told 'heart attack'. He had participated in the marriage ceremony of his colleague, Swapna Joshi's daughter, in Nagpur.
The questions are as follows:
·         There is no clarification of Loya’s death time. According to the postmortem, the death's time has been registered 6:15 early morning of December 1, 2014; while his kin had been informed about the death message at 5 o’clock early morning on December 1, 2014.
·         Loya died in a heart attack as kin was told; while his kin found blood stains on the clothes
·         According to Loya’s father, Loya’s head sustained injury.
·         Loya’s phone was returned to his family after many days, which had been reformatted.
·         It is noticeable that Loya who was stayed in Nagpur Ravi Bhawan was rushed to hospital on Auto rickshaw after a heart attack in night. His sister asked, talking to the reporter, whether, despite being so many VIP’s halt arrangement in Ravi Bhawan that night, there were no vehicle parking which could have rushed him to hospital?
·         Even she asked this question, if the nearest auto stand from the Ravi Bhawan is two kilometer away, how the auto rickshaw was managed that night?
·         The question has been posed over a RSS volunteer, Ishwar Baheti. This volunteer had informed the kin about carrying the dead body to the paternal home after the death. Loya’s cellphone too was returned by Baheti.
·         Every page of post mortem report has been signed below of which shows relation with the deceased in Marathi – cousin! While the family says no such man is in family.
·         If the death cause has been told natural, why was the need of postmortem?
More over there is no filled Panchnama after the post mortem
Exactly after 29 days of Loya’s death, judge who took over the court acquitted Amit Shah from this case without hearing. The 11 other higher officers of Gujrat cadre in this case have been acquitted till now.
It is noticeable that the CBI which is the chief investigating agency in this case on the directives of SC has not yet appealed against this decision.
Earlier when the apex court had ordered to investigate this case, it had evidently said -- 'first, the case must be heard away from Gujrat; second, one judge will hear this case from beginning up to end; but the second of the conditions was contempt'. The beginning of the case was in the hand of Jeti Utpat, but he himself withdrew from this case suddenly.
6 June 2014 judge Utpat reprimanded Amitshah for not present in this case and ordered him to appear in the case hearing on next date 26th June; but he was transferred to Pune session court on 25th June 2014.
Brij Gopal Loya took charge of this case who posed many questions for not appearing of Amit Shah. He confirmed the date of hearing this case on 15th December 2014, but he died on 1st of December 2014.
The case is now in hand of MV Gosavi who acquitted Amit Shah from this case in December end 2014 and said that there was no evidence against Amit Shah.

The Carwan report had included mere Loya sisters’ statement. According to the Loya’s wife Sharmila and son Anuj refused to talk with the reporter because of risk on their lives lurk.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

HRMC organised symposium on International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women

By on Saturday, November 25, 2017
Human Right Monitoring Committee has organized an awareness march on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in support of women issues on Saturday this week at Sarojini Nagar Block Lucknow.
Amit Ambedkar told that International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated on 25 November by UN since 1999. The purpose behind this programme is to organize a symposium to end the violence against the women facing on many levels of society and countries of the world.
The programme has the purpose to effort for the law formulation and security provision, and its right execution over to women and changing of discriminatory thought against women of society. One of every three women in the world is the victim of sexual and body violence. Several cases of domestic violence have been in report.

Domestic violence in India is endemic. Around 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence.
The National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes, and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the husband occurs every nine minutes. This occurs despite the fact that women in India are legally protected from domestic abuse under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.
Number of murder rose from 286 in January to 396 in March and 399 in April and cases of rape rose from 244 to 378 in March and 393 in April this year in UP.  .

He said, “The activities shall be disseminated with the awareness every month against the violence in the society by the mean of campaign in the villages.”

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

100 Children and their parents vow to voice against child violence; also pledge to send’em school

By on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Human Right Monitoring committee held a Programme on  International Children Rights Day in Lucknow on Monday afternoon this week. On this occasion, a march was organised with the children who are the slum dwellers in Lucknow. The placards in the hands were displaying the juveniles discrimination.
Anshuman Singh, coordinator, said, “ The laws are here -- despite it, these children are the victim of violence.” He has said that they are neither safe in home, nor safe away from home. he added, “we, instead to know their feelings, try to repress their rights.”
Discrimination, violence, victimization, sexual exploitation and assault, children smuggling, child labouring, child marriage -- all criminal activities are affecting their pious future which is condemnable and a point of concern.
Madhuri Chauhan said on children protection, “Elders are aware of their rights. They know their social,economic, commercial rights. A little ripples in their rights they cannot tolerate and raise their voice against it; while the children rights are broken in routine.
Vineeta Tharu said, “ The parents claim for the child care; but, as they do the care, they seem that they are providing all the needful rights, which does not exist in practice."
She said, "The children are not aware of their rights in the constitution which have been conferred them. This needs a campaign under work mission to be carried out by the government. The guardians and the parents are awared about the children rights on 'International Children Rights Day'."

The practice of learning during the children's development plays important role. They make mistake which is a normal activity, but the punishment is a wrong step. They become unaware of the mistake; they must be upheld to do any work work with the better ways, but the violence against the children are against the rights of children, said Amit Ambedkar.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


By on Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The scientists have assumed the year 2018 may be the year of earthquake. According to Forbes report, this may be because of that event which reduce the rotatory speed of our earth for a while and restores its uniform motion. The scientists tell that the common people cannot feel it, but its consequences occurs in the glimpse of devastating quake.
The geophysicists are able to measure the milliseconds change in the motion of earth. Now they assume that this retardation in the motion is a big cause of intense earthquake after a certain interval.
A researcher’s team of geophysicists analyzed every earthquake which was intense more than 7 on Recter scale since 1900. They found in study that after interval of every 32 years had been growing in the number of earthquake in the world. This fact wondered them. They deeply investigated it and then they found in the record the growths of earthquakes were during the period when the earth’s rotatory motion had got slow speed. They found that this slow in speed was recorded every 25-30 years after, and recorded earthquake exactly after this event.

The last slow speed of earth in the past had been recorded and the numbers of quake came in the ending or 5th year. The year 2017 is the 4th year of this retardation and this prediction has been assumed that the year 2018th may increase the numbers in earthquake.