All India Payam-e-Insaniyat Forum organized blood donation camp

Suchit Bajpai
All India Payam-e-Insaniyat Forum has organized blood donation camp at Balrampur district hospitalLucknow on Tuesday afternoon this week. The students of Nadwa Ulema were assembled there to co-operate the camp of blood donation in the presence of chief medical superintendent, Dr.Rajiv Lochan. More than 50 students gave their blood for the noble cause.

Dr Riyaz Ahmad, the manager of this NGO, said, “All India-e-Insaniyat forum is non-political and nonreligious organization; only it works for society. The commitment is to promote the basic human values among all citizens of India and is working hard to help and upliftment of needy people without caste, creed or religion.’

Dr Rajiv Lochan said, “the forum is really working for the needy people and the blood donation of students with Maulana Billal Hasmi is a clear message to the society that the forum is for the people merely.”  Dr Rajiv Lochan has also been working with this NGO.

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