Ayodhya Temple will be constructed through legal way: BJP in its UP manifesto

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
The manifesto of Bartiya Janta Party UP has been released. The national president Mr Amit Shah and state president Keshav Prasad Maurya on Saturday afternoon have announced 210 public welfare resolutions in 24 pages which will be taken in application after coming in power. Some chief points of manifesto are as follows.
Agricultural, Corruption, Gundaraj, youths, education, poverty abolition, development from root level, development of industries, women empowerment, health, and other important issues – all have been taken in consideration to lure the state people in forth coming assembly election.
A sample test of Bhartya Janta Party Uttar Pradesh is to go on because the parliamentary election in 2019 can be predicted well in fray-2017.
The manifesto has assimilated to lure every corner of society. How much it will go affirmative among the public is a mystery, but one thing has been tried to clear that the party will implement many reforms in the state if it comes in power.
  • All the marginal and small farmers will be excused of and sanctioned the interest free loans.
  • The outstanding payment of cane will be paid within 120 days after coming in power.
  • The landless rural labourers will be provided the needful documents of bank loans, government plans and other social security benefits
  • The electric power supply will be provisioned at lowest rate to all the fields.
  • The chief minister irrigation fund of 20 000 crore will be established to make water available for the fields at state.
  • The drip and sprinkler plan for irrigation will be made available to 50 lakh farmers of the state.
  • The abattoirs will be closed forcefully and will be restricted in the state.
  • The welfare of fisheries and the people who are in work with the trade will be helped with the fund of 100 crore.
  • The interest free loans will be sanctioned small industries of Food processing.
  • 1.5 lakh vacant posts of police, with respect to the reservation under law unbiased with caste and religion, will be recruited on merit.
  • All the reserved posts in police will be filled within a year.
  • To prevent the immigration because of communal tension, a special department in police established and a deputy collector in every district will be appointed (especially western UP).
  • The police records will be digitalized for the better watch and ward.
  • The law and order wing in police force will be established and the police to prevent the crime will be equipped with latest weaponry.
  • The fear free atmosphere will be created for the citizens without any favour to any religion and caste.
  • Helpline number 100 will be improved for services and police will confirm its access within 15 minutes of assistance call.
  • Anti-land grabbers force will be established to free the arrogated lands and the culprits will be punished.
  • A special task force will be formed for inquiry of corruption cases surfaced within last 15 years.
  • The unlawful mining will be ended and new policy for mining will be taken in consideration and a special task force will be formed to punish the person indulged in illegal mining.
  • Interview will be finished in the  services of class 3 and class 4th employees with respect to the reservation under law unbiased with caste and religion.
  • Special helpline to lodge the corruption complaint direct to the chief minister will be established.
  • The non-prevalent and non-utilized laws will be obliterated by reviewing of present laws in the state.
  • 70 lakh employment and self-employment will be created within 5 years tenure.
  • 90% services in industries will be reserved for the youths in the state.
  • The recruitment operation will be carried out within 90 days since came in the power on all the vacant posts by transparent way.
  • Free laptop to all students of colleges in the state.
  • 1 GB free internet services to all students of colleges.
  • All the girls will be educated without fees up to graduate level.
  • All the boy students up to 12th and then by 50% marks achievers in 12th, up to graduate level without fees will be educated.
  • Poor welfare card will be distributed to the poor to benefit them with respect to the reservation under law unbiased with caste and religion.
  • All the health care services including surgery and critical care by cashless transaction to the poor in private hospitals will be provided through ‘Garib Kalyan Card’.
  • BJP reaffirms its view on Ram Mandir: the party will try to find the prospects of temple construction through legal way in Ayodhya.
  • 25 new courts will be established to decide the cases of atrocities relief for SC and ST in the state.
  • The scholarship will be increased to the SC and ST students and the incomes range will also be increased.
  • The BPL cardholders SC and ST  girls will be granted ex-gratia for the marriage
  • Baba Saheb Community centre will be constructed in the SC and ST settlements.
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