Guru Gobind Singh ji accepted martyrdom in order to put an end to atrocities against Hindus:Amit Shah

Amit Shah addressed in a public program held by Sikh community on 350th birth anniversary of Guru Govind Singh in Jabalpur on Sunday. The salient points of his speech as follows.

Any person will struggle for 100 lives to achieve just one aim but Guru Gobind Singh Ji achieved 100s of goals in just one life.

 It is very difficult to find someone like Guru Gobind Singh Ji who has so many qualities. He was a multi faceted personality.

 He was one of the greatest poets of his era. His literary skills were not restricted to one language but several languages like Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, Braj, Gurmukhi and Persian.

 Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born in Patna, established Khalsa Panth in Anandpur Saheb and worked to purify Braj language. At the same time, he was a great warrior.

 It is different to be a warrior and different to be someone who makes supreme sacrifices.

 There is no one like Guru Gobind Singh ji who inspired his father at the age of only 9 years to accept martyrdom in order to put an end to atrocities against Hindus.

 While many kings have sacrificed their lives in the battlefield, he is the only one in Indian History who sacrificed his all four sons.

 Two Sahebjaades sacrificed their lives in the battlefield while two others attained martyrdom as they were cast alive in brick walls.

The BJP government at the centre has decided to celebrate 350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in every part of the nation. The government has set aside 100 crore rupees to renovate and revive every place associated with his life, spread his message, and make people aware about his life and achievements.

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