I am overwhelmed seeing your huge presence: Narendra Modi in Lucknow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed in a rally organised by the BJP in the wake of forth coming assembly election in Uttar Pradesh on Monday this week. During his speech, he said, "I am overwhelmed seeing yours huge presence here. I have never seen such surge of crowd in a public meeting. The wind of change has began to flow in Uttar Pradesh. It is Karm Bhumi of Atal Behari Bajpai."
The salient points of speech are as follows...

  • The 14 years exile of development in Uttar Pradesh is going to be concluded: Narendra Modi.
  • It is the biggest rally so far… seeing your dedication and support seems us that the change is certain: Narendra Modi
  • The SP, the BSP and the opposition parties – all are saying: remove Modi; I say to remove corruption and black money: Narendra Modi
  • 2.5 Lakh crore has been sanctioned to Uttar Pradesh within two and half years by Union Government, but the development is not the priority of state government: Narendra Modi
  • Our mission is to abolish the illiteracy, the poverty, and the disease from India. until Uttar Pradesh is backward in the development, the fate of country cannot be changed: Narendra Modi
  • The political hamper has trailed the people of uttar Pradesh; The politics of antagonism has become irrelevant: Narendra Modi
  • The increased MSP and after the co-operation of union government, Akhilesh government is tormenting the farmer by not buying the paddy and the Pulses: narendra modi
  • The people should cast their votes by leaving the adherence to casteism, ours and yours: Narendra Modi
  • The government is now the play for other parties, but it is a responsibility for the BJP.  The foundation of changing India is in Uttar Pradesh: narendra modi
  • BHIM Apps is the tribute to Dr Bim Rao Ambedkar; it has to be downloaded in every mobile of peasants at village to village: Narendra Modi
  • The demonetization is to prevent the exploitation of middle class and to return the rights of poor: Narendra Modi

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