Lucknow University held National Seminar

Association of Masters in Public Administration Lucknow University held a programme on January 23rd this week in collaboration with the department of public administration at campus Auditorium.
The AMPA forum had invited Mr. G. Parthsarthy, senior Indian Diplomat, Author, Journalist and Former High Commissioner of India to Australia, Pakistan and Cyprus.
The National Seminar were presided by Dr. Ramesh Dixit, ex-professor and HoD of Political Science University of Lucknow and Dr. Ripusudan Singh, moderator of this programme, ex- head and Associate Professor.
 The programme was held at DPA Hall University of Lucknow. Many elite persons and the students were the participant of this Seminar.
The programme was themed over," India's position in South Asia: Issues and challenges."
Many questions on related topic were put-up before Mr. G. Parthsarthy,  are as follows:
Q-“India is often accused for hegemony – is this a lack diplomatic?” Rohit Verma, MPA department 4th semester
Ans- Not every SAARC country accused India except Nepal and Pakistan because they have their own personal issues.
Q- How are the relations of India with the neibhouring countries recent years
Ans - Relations are complex on global level. There are no prominent friends or enemies, but prominent interests
Q-    How can India reoccupy the regime PoK and CoK?
Ans-     Firstly it is not important to reoccupy that territories rather than to take in confidence to the people of that region and preserve their interest and their culture
Q-Mr Manoj Dixit, HoD (MPA) Lucknow Uninversity: What are the views on TArik FAteh
Ans -Tarik Fateh is a born Pakistani..and language used by him is unacceptable ...and its good if its entertain Indian people.

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