American president, Barrack Obama, in his last press conference at white house, said for the Hindu,” I expect that any Hindu may be the US president in coming future days."
Obama addresses a press conference at white house and has said that I expect that any Hindu may be the US president in future.
Obama has said that the US president in future may be women; from the origin of Hindu; from Jewish; or from Latin America.
 “The intelligent person can go ahead of success discarding their caste and racism”, Obama said on the question of racial discrimination.
Obama thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on phone that the relation between India and America has made profound in his partnership.
Donald Trump swears in as the US president on Friday; and American president second term is going to end on Thursday.
According to white house, Obama telephoned to Modi on Wednesday and thanked to the ‘partnership’.
That the joint efforts for Defence, civil and nuclear energy were reviewed during Modi government and to flourish the contact between the citizens of both countries was emphasized were the reason to thank Modi during the talk.
White house said, “President Obama, remembering his trip to India as a chief guest on the occasion of republic day in 2015, greeted the coming 68th republic day cordially to Modi.
 That the both leaders discussed on this point is how they have moved on the priorities of economic and defence partnership; and India is recognized as a big partner of America on defence partnership now. Both the countries worked for the global climate change in the same way.”
1.    It is noticeable, Obama was the first of those leaders who greeted Modi by phone on the win and invited him America in May 2014.
2.     Both leaders met at White House in September 2014 and have met 8 times since then.
3.     Much important talk Obama said in his last press conference at white house. The talks is as follows:
4.     I want to spend my precious time with my daughters now.
5.     I have talked with Trump cordially and I have offered him every advice.
      It is in the interest of America that there should be a constructive partnership with Russia. President, Obama, has said on question of first black president:  the US president in future will be of so diverse origin — that none at all will understand this how should their identity be recognized?

7.                              We cannot enforce the peace between Israel and Palestine.


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