Donald John Trump,70, is 45th US president. He administered the oath after the vice president Mike Richard Pence had taken the oath in swearing in ceremony at capitol Washington DC on Friday this week.
Trump in his maiden speech, after taking his office, said: thank you to the people of world. We are assembling here with a big national effort today. We have unity for the people. We resolute that we will be unite forever. We will face the hardships; despite it we will get the success in our work. We want there to be peace. We are grateful to president Obama and first lady Michele who are present here. They have been magnificent. Today’s ceremony is important. This is not the transfer of power from one administration to another, but we are giving the control of power in the hands of you, the people. Those who are in struggle – what can we do for them? We all know that the government is yours; the power is for the government.

The year 2017 will be memorable that the people of this country are going to control the power again. Those men and women who were forgotten – they will be missed now. You all in million assembled here on this historic day. In this campaign is to be seen that the country is always stand forever and America is great. The people want to live protected; they should be given their rights. The children and women’ condition should be better. We have to prevent the drugs which have affected the younger; Now today, we have to stop it. The crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealised potential.
We are one country and their sorrow is ours; their dreams are ours; their success is ours. That we have sworn today will go ahead to our target with unity. That the entrepreneurs in abroad kept on rising; and we looked only in many decades and American industries shut. We had secured the border of other countries, but we could not save our borders.
We spent trillion dollars; made other countries rich, but we have lost our confidence; our industries have been shut. So far as the lacs of Americans who could work is now trailing. The middle class were affected very much. The treasury as much we had allocated to the world is to be stopped now.
Our voice should be heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hall of power. We will lead a new vision from today. First of all, America! Whether it is immigration, or trading or anything else – in all respect, America first and the interest of America will be considered first. We will bring back our jobs; bring our treasury; bring our dream again. We will build this country by Americano and American labourers. The Americans will perform their duties here. We will contact others,but America’s interest first.

200 protesters were demonstrating in Lago Circle at Washington DC. Many of them were in black suit and had covered with mask. The opposition law makers boycotted the oath ceremony. 60 of the Democratic Party senators were not present in this ceremony. The protest demonstration is the first time in American history for the oath ceremony of president
American Media and Trump
The journalists in America will have to decide self  their rules and the American press corps have said clearly before president's oath that Trump cannot decree over them.
Kylie Pope, Editor-in- Chief and publishers of Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), said in an open letter to Trump that it would be fruitful to clear: how do we look the relation between your administration and American press core? He added that the relation between the media and the elected president are tense.
Pope said that the press secretary to think about the removal media offices from white house news came out is the same conduct as was looked during the campaign while you had restricted your own news groups to cover yourself.
He said that Trump has absolute right to decide the rule, but media has right even as doing so. Pope said to Trump in his 8 points charter that the restriction over media access to his administration will be big mistake from his side; but it will be his decision, and media will review other way to find information.


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