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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DU students between AISA (Left) and ABVP (Right); fight between ruling and opposition expression

By on Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Mohd Ahzam; New Delhi
Gurmehar, directly hitting back on ABVP, said: none can teach me patriotism. The controversies are reverberating in Ramjas College in Delhi instead to be pacified. She was sterner in her attitude before media once again on Monday when she appeared. Gurmehar appealed to all students must support her in this battle.
Now the video knotty wrestling has begun on the controversies in Ramjas College. A group is by the side of ABVP; while another is opposing it. Gurmehar, daughter of martyr, opened a front on 'facebook' and said that she is not afraid of ABVP; consequently a girl student of ABVP joined video dispute too.
Delhi women commission has set up a probe on the matter of molestation and insult with the girl students. Two written complaint by Gurmehar has been given to chairman of Swati Maliwal. Gurmehar was provided security force after complaint – two women police have been deployed to protect her.
Kiren Rijiju targeted Gurmehar. He said someone is spoiling her brain. "None of the democratic countries in the world allowed hurting their Sovereignty", said Jitendra Singh Union Minister.
Who's polluting this young girl's mind? A strong Arm Force prevents a war. India never attacked anyone but a weak India was always invaded. https://t.co/gXHkAGi9sh
— Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) February 27, 2017
ABVP students marched a tricolor procession against Left in Delhi. Delhi police was deployed every nook and corner in the wake of surging crowd because the tension is still prevailing over the matter of Ramjas college. The police force have been increased to protect Delhi in the wake of protest march.
Since past four days, Gurmrhar is active on social media. She is continuing on protest campaign against ABVP after the students’ fracas against Umar Khalid in Ramjas. Her argument is that she will not let grow the narrow political thinking concept in Delhi University. Gurmehar is facing protest together support on her campaign..
Amid the running politics in DU, a dispute has flared after a BJP MP’s tweet. Mr Pratap Simha, MP Mysore, compared Gurmehar with Dawood a picture tweeted. BJP MP’s post is being criticized.
Meanwhile, the injured teacher, who is serious, during violence in Ramjas College, has been rushed to the Fortis hospital. Both groups are in facing one another after violence.  Sucheta De, national president of AISA, has alleged that the Modi government fears with the inquirers, so the students are being suppressed.
After her post viral on social media against ABVP, a Delhi university girl student has alleged that she has been threatened to be raped. Gurmehar Kaur told she has received hatred message on her attitude. Whenever the people give you threat of violence or for rape It is too frightening, I think. The threatening on the name of nationalism is not right thing.

The ABVP students on Wednesday last week were protesting on being invited Omar Khalid as a speaker in seminar held at Ramjas College. 20 students were injured when the protesters became aggressive. Omar Khalid is the accused of treason. The whole matter Gurmehar had introduced in her facebook post of 140 words. The facebook campaign has been viral on social media. Mandeep Singh, father of Gurmehar, was captain in Indian army, and was killed in the battle of Kargil in 1999, as she claimed.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Whether the electricity is being supplied 24 hours in Kashi; or not? Dimple Yadav asked PM Modi'

By on Sunday, February 26, 2017
Dimple Yadav, addressing an Election rally at Shahganj, targeted BSP supremo and PM Narendra Modi. She countered over the statement on electricity by PM and alleged him for making the Hindu-Muslim electricity.
Dimple Yadav replied the opposition’s questions over the alliance between the SP-Cong. Dimple said whoever are posing the question over this alliance, they should not forget Raksha Bandhan. Once again Bua ji is stand with (Rakhi) friendship band. As did we tie up with Cong our grand alliance, they began to feel pain.
Dimple tackled on currency ban issue to Modi government. The government could not bring back the black money, but it gave note of Rs 2000 like (Churan Chhap) children currency. The note shows 'elephant - lotus' together.
SP MP Dimple repeated the statement of CM Akhilesh Yadav to raise the issue of electricity of Varanasi. Dimple said the MP from Kashi has not yet sworn of Holy Mother river Ganga for electricity in Kashi.
It is to clarify: Akhilesh, in his election rally, is repeatedly questioning PM to take oath of Ganga over his statement of electric supply on the occasion of Ramzan-Diwali.

Akhilesh said to Modi Ji, by taking swear, to tell,  "whether the electric supply in Kashi is continued for 24 hours or not."

“America first” resulted; two Indian engineers shot at Kansas Bar

By on Sunday, February 26, 2017
A man fired at 3 person including two Indians on Wednesday evening this week. Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed in this incident; other two injured Alok Madasani, age 32, and Ian Grillot, 24, are in serious condition.
Both Indian immigrants often enjoyed after a work-whisky at the Austin Bar and Grill Restaurant in Olathe city they had adopted it as a hangout.
Adam W.Purinton was also there, tossing ethnic comment on these men, said they did not belong to the USA, according to the witnesses. They complained patrons, and Puriton was thrown out.
But after a short time, he came back in fits of rage and fired on both men. Ian Grillot, stepping ahead, tried to save both Indians.
Kansas Health System University released a video, Ian Grillot said that as he was saving them from danger; except to save them merely, he was not much thinking about. He said he had intended to counter the shots to save them. He is very happy that Alok is safe and healthy. I am saddened that I could not save another man. Grillot said whom he has saved is his best friend now.

Grillot says he had intention to help them, and he was performing a duty whatever anybody should have to do. No matter he hails from where – we all are one.

Friday, February 24, 2017

'The benefits of 93 schemes have failed to reach the people in UP due to corrupt state government...' Amit Shah at Maharajganj

By on Friday, February 24, 2017
The salient point of BJP national president AmitShah's speech during a public meeting at Maharajganj Uttar Pradesh.
  • I have been touring every nook and corner of UP since the last one year and everywhere, I have witnessed huge wave of support in favour of BJP. I am here to tell you that BJP will form the next government in UP on March 11 with two-third majority
  • When you vote for BJP in these assembly elections, do not vote for our party candidate, do not vote to change the government or do not vote to change the CM but vote to change the fortune and destiny Uttar Pradesh
  • We must form a government in UP that takes the state on the path of progress and development under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi...Do you get 24 hour electricity in your homes?... Is every village connected by road network?... Have youths got jobs? Are women safe and secure?...Are traders securing?
  • Your resounding no to each of my questions is in contradiction to Akhilesh Yadav tall claims that the development work done by him speaks for itself. It is not Akhilesh’s development work, but his misdeeds that speak for themselves.
  • In the last 15 years, it is either SP or BSP that ruled the state. As a result, UP today lags way behind other states on all parameters of progress and development. The Bua-Bhatija rule has destroyed UP
  • In these 15 years, a number of other states have raced ahead of UP in terms of development. There is 24 hour power, there is road connecting every village, there are industries and jobs for youth, women are secure, there are irrigation facilities, and Mandis have been modernized. However, none of this has happened in UP
  • Rahul Gandhi has been asking Modiji about the achievements of BJP government in the last 2.5 years. To answer him, first of all, we gave a PM who speaks and interacts with the people of this country. The UPA government gave a PM whose voice was not heard by anyone in the country for 10 long years
  • We have given a transparent government at the centre that has not faced even one allegation of corruption in the last 2.5 years
  • The Modi government has also launched 93 schemes or one scheme every fortnight in the last 2.5 years for the benefit of the poor, women, youth, farmers, backward, and Dalits. However, the benefits of these schemes have failed to reach the people in UP due to corrupt state government
  •  PM Modi is carrying out large scale development across the country and the credit for it goes to UP that blessed BJP with 73 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats. This allowed BJP to form a full majority government under Narendra Modi
  • The voters of UP have given one engine of development at the centre when they gave a resounding mandate to BJP in 2014. While that engine is working for UP, it is unable to provide comprehensive and all round development to the state. Hence I urge you to vote for BJP’s engine in assembly polls as well so that twin engines significantly push pace of development
  •  If BJP forms government in UP, we will waive off loans of all small and marginal farmers. We have also decided that all loans for farmers in future will come at zero interest rate
  • Under SP government, there have been many cases where cattle of farmers have been stolen by those running slaughter houses. I assure you that the day BJP CM takes oath, we will bring an ordinance to shut down all slaughter houses to save the state’s cattle. No one has the right to slaughter cow, buffalo or ox on the holy land of UP that results in a pool of blood. Instead, UP should have abundant supply of milk and ghee #
  • The Akhilesh government distributed laptops to the state’s youth on the basis of religion and caste. However, when we come to power, we will provide free laptop along with 1 GB of data connectivity to the youth irrespective of their caste or religion
  • when we come to power in UP, we will end the practice of interview for government jobs under group 3 and group 4 so that corruption is weeded out and there is no discrimination. Jobs in the state under these groups will be given purely on the basis of merit
  • I urge you to ensure a BJP government in the state with 2/3rd majority 


By on Friday, February 24, 2017

Mohammad Husain Fazli has returned from Delhi to Srinagar among his family members after passing 12 years in jail. The Court acquitted him on the ground of innocence in Delhi serial Blast Case in the Year 2005 on Thursday of last week.
Fazli had been arrested from his home at Srinagar in November 2005 in this case, and then he was 30 years old. His family took a decade to prove Fazli's innocence in the case.
 The sanguine of living with the family after passing so many years in jail can be seen on his face. His eyes raise many questions, "Who will give back the life of the 12 years?"
Fazli said on acquitting in Delhi blast, "They had arrested me. I kept on shouting that I never visited to Delhi in my life."
Of the three Kashmiri youths, Fazli is also one whom Delhi Court acquitted in the serial blast case. Fazli's family after his returning is very happy. While waiting they had quit all the hopes.
According to Fazli, that he has been acquitted was not told to his mother till last moment. Fazli said, "What does result come eventually in the court was not sure to us. Something might have happened there. That mother had had in much hope so was not in my desire to inform in such situations. She has had a stroke already.
“As far as he was not aware of his residential address according to media; many things have changed in a decade for Fazli.  
Fazli is now 43 years old. Fazli have been acquitted on last Thursday. He was freed from Jail. Fazli was a skilled Shawl weaver before his arrest. Mohammad Rafeeq Shah, Tariq Ahmad Dar had been arrested in Delhi serial blast case on November 2005.
Court has acquitted Rafiq Shah and Fazli on Thursday, but Dar have been sentenced 10 Years imprisonment. Dar has already passed his 10 years imprisonment in jail.
Fazli has a question:"Why did so happen to him. Fazli demand Justice, but it not for him only."
He says, "I want to take up those responsible people who are the creators of such situation; not for us because I have lost my important years of my life in jail. I want to do so that it should never be happened for others.
According to Fazli," if the financial crises of my home became healthy, he could have been freed from jail earlier. He had no sufficient money to appeal in the high court. Fazli's parent never reached to meet him during his jail period. The reason behind was lack of money.
Fazli, after seeing his parent, has said that he will care his parent, living with him; and will get them treated; but he has big problem of money. Fazli has a need of employment in such conditions.
Fazli is among his family members now, but the question posing people are not less after his acquittal. Such questions are being posed whether the investigating agency was not able to collect the evidence against Fazli, which resulted in his acquittal.

Whatever may have happened, but Fazli's Character has been free from the blot of terrorist activities after the acquittal from the Court.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'I have no interest about the mules': Akhilesh Yadav in Bahraich

By on Wednesday, February 22, 2017
The voting for 4th phase of UP assembly election is to be exercised tomorrow, but the harsh words to circumvent each other during the election campaign are being used continuously. The Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav, during his election rally in Bahraich, again referred to the mules; however he said that he was not interested to know about mules.
Akhilesh said that the CM of Gujarat was saying to me that the CM of UP was unknown from our mules – I did not want to raise the matter, but if the CM of Gujarat is saying, I openly say that I have no interest about the mules.
It is noticeable that Akhilesh had said in a past rally: "the mules are promoted in Gujarat by superstar of century." The BJP raise objection over the statement by the UP CM. Vijey Rupani, CM of Gujrat, said: "Akhilesh has certainly no knowledge of these Gujarat's mules." Akhilesh was replying to the statement of Gujrat CM.
Akhilesh, targeting PM Modi, said: during the demonetization, you had assured that the black money, corruption and terrorism will be eliminated, but where is that statistics? Akhilesh said that the PM Modi has lost the battle and BJP is evading the issues of development

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


By on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Voters in 150 constituencies have already exercised their votes during the first two phases of polling. After Western Uttar Pradesh, the focus now has shifted to the historically and politically significant region of Awadh and Purvanchal (eastern Uttar Pradesh). These two densely populated regions, lying on the fertile Indo-Gangetic plains, have 234 seats in these regions. The political significance should be gauged by the fact that eight of the 15 Prime Ministers, India has had, were elected from these regions.
Of the 109 constituencies that recorded a low margin of victory in the 2012 elections, 61 were situated in Awadh and Purvanchal. That amounts to one-fourth of the total seats in the region. Such a high percentage of narrow-margin victories point out to  closely fought electoral battles in the two politically crucial regions of the state.
However, of the 89 Purvanchal seats which go to polls in the final two phases, only 16 were won narrowly in the 2012 elections.
This means that the next three phases of Assembly election taking place in the Awadh region would cover 45 seats that had been won by a margin of less than three percent votes in 2012.
The last election’s data throws some interesting bits of information.
Take for instance, the Farrukhabad constituency, which is located in the Awadh region. The constituency, which votes on Sunday, witnessed an interesting contest last time, when an Independent candidate Vijay Singh trounced BJP’s Major Suneel Dutt Dwivedi by a nerve-wrecking margin of just 147 votes.
In fact, Singh was only one of the two Independents candidates who managed to scrap through to a win – the other instance was in the Sayadraja constituency which goes to polls on 8 March.
Similarly, the Ghazipur constituency, which comes under Purvanchal, recorded a narrow victory in 2012 polls.
Last election, the constituency – it goes to poll in the final phase – witnessed a SP versus BSP battle that went down to the wire. Ultimately, the SP candidate Vijay Kumar Mishra defeated his nearest BSP rival Raj Kumar by a margin of 241 votes. Mishra went on to be a minister in the Akhilesh Yadav government before joining the BJP on 16 February.
While Awadh and Purvanchal hog the limelight in the electoral battlefield of Uttar Pradesh, the impoverished and politically insignificant Bundelkhand is often ignored.
Bundelkhand – the forgotten backwaters of Uttar Pradesh
The region, which has been facing severe drought problems since many years, saw the BSP doing better than the rest as it secured seven out of 19 seats. Six seats in the region were won narrowly – the BSP winning four while the SP emerging victorious in the remaining two. However, with just 19 seats, Bundelkhand may play no major role in determining Uttar Pradesh's political destiny.
The scenario looks different this time
The race to Lucknow seems to be much more interesting this election. Unlike 2012, this time around the SP has joined hands with the Congress, while BJP now looks a much more formidable opponent after its astonishing victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. On the other hand, BSP seems to be on the backfoot after its debacle in the Lok Sabha polls.
The ruling party is banking on its young chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s development image to ride back to power – a factor which may have encouraged Rahul Gandhi to tie up with his party. On the other hand, the BJP in its bid to form its first government since 1997 is seeking to reap electoral benefits from the note ban saga.
Notably, for the first time since 2007, the party ruling the Centre is in serious contention to rule Uttar Pradesh. If one looks at the opinion polls that have come out so far, it has been either SP-Congress or BJP at the pole position. Every pollster has relegated BSP to the third place.
However, history has been witness to many opinion polls going totally wrong (read Bihar pre-poll surveys).
What if BSP rises in it votes percentage, the narrow margin victories may reduce to the loss, which had won. One might never know if Mayawati could spring a surprise.
The results, expected on 11 March, can shape the political destiny of not just Uttar Pradesh but also India. It is then we will know whether the ‘elephant’ is able to trump the ‘cycle’ or if the ‘lotus’ will bloom after two decades. And it is worth remembering that the road to New Delhi passes through Lucknow.

Monday, February 20, 2017


By on Monday, February 20, 2017
BSP Supremo, Mayawati, in her Sultanpur rally targeted PM Modi on Monday. Mayawati defined the meaning: Narendra meant Negative; Damodardas meant Dalit; Modi meant man or he is anti dalit.
#WATCH: BSP President Mayawati says PM Modi's full name means that he is an anti-Dalit man. pic.twitter.com/Nhl0lDbNH3
— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) February 20, 2017
Mayawati said that the PM Narendra Modi does not know that BSP is not a party, but it is an agitation – this is the reason why I didn’t marry; instead of being married, I utilized my life to benefit the minority.
Earlier this statement, PM Modi has targeted Mayawati on Monday morning.

He said in his Urai speech,  'Bhanji Ki Party' collected most money after the currencies ban; BSP new name is Bhanji Sampati party.

Pune police booked boyfriend for pregnant woman's physical exploitation

By on Monday, February 20, 2017

A girl hails from Dubai in Pune has registered a physical exploitation case against local boy. The victim said in her complaint that she was in love affair with accused during her study last year. Both came in physical relationship meanwhile and she conceived. The victim alleged that the young man was threatening her constantly to be got rid of it.
The case is from Yarvada. A victim woman, 20, reached pune from Dubai for her study and was in relationship with Akshay Manoj Jaishinghani, age 21. Akshay took her his flat one day and did physical exploitation. A few months later she expected that she had conceived.
She told about her pregnancy to Akshay. Akshay took her statement lightly and gave her some abortion pills for consuming instead of taking her to a doctor. The victim believed on Manoj and took the pills thinking that she would be aborted after she came back in Dubai her home.
She felt again later a few months that she was still expecting. The confused woman reached once again to pune and she told akshay that she was still pregnant. Akshay forbade taking her responsibility instead of helping her and began to ignore.
The investigating officer, Seema Dhakne told that she had registered a case against the accused Akshay under IPC 376,504,506 and arrested him after the women’s complaint. The accused has filed for anticipatory bail against the case.

The IO Seema Dhadakne told that,when the victim tried to meet Akshay, he threatened him for dire consequences and used to say to make distance from him which resulted into lodging complaint in police.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brawl spills in Varanasi; fracas between locals and students -- injured 12 people

By on Sunday, February 19, 2017
The Students of Banaras Hindu University  and the local shopkeepers in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh clashed on Saturday evening. Both groups manhandled each other fiercely and stone pelting incident has also been reported. The matter turned violent after a brawl on eve teasing.
A girl student was teased two days ago, and after the incident the students of university had fiercely manhandled the son of a local shopkeeper. When these students came out of campus on Saturday, the local shopkeepers manhandled with the students.
As the matter came in knowledge of other students, they gathered at the BHU main gate and began scuffling with shopkeepers. After a while, both groups started stone pelting.
The police reached the spot and tried to control the situation, but the students were not convinced. They began stone pelting over police. The nearby shops were shut down and a panic situation has been created in the area.
According to the report, the incident of manhandling took place between the BHU students and the Jamming businessmen at Lanka; and hocky, rod and lathi were used in this clash. it is alleged that the students making orgy with shoppers and passers have beaten them ran also ran.

That the petrol bombs were used has been reported. More than 12 people have injured in this incident. The official information is awaited.

Friday, February 17, 2017

National Workshop on Scientific Writing Using Latex organised at DSMNRU

By on Friday, February 17, 2017
Pranjal, Lucknow
Seven days National Workshop using latex on scientific writing began on Wednesday this week at Dr. Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University. This workshop was organised by Dr. Praveen Kumar Mishra, lecturer at University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
 The Programme was inaugurated by Professor Nishith Rai, Vice Chancellor of University in the presence of researchers and Professors who had come from different Universities namely, DSMNRU, BBAU, Lucknow University, Amity University, AMU, Allahabad University and Delhi University.
Prof. Nishith Rai, VC, told about the need of quality and substantive research in his speech, "The implementation of the process is not going well."
He added,"The Latex software technology is the need of the hour and can be used to prevent the copying in research work."
He said, "This technology will prevent duplication and increase utility of research in public interest. The limitation of research has not been at the local level, it became at world level in this globalized society."  
110 participants from different Universities are attending this 7 days workshop at DSMNRU Lucknow.
The Chief Guest Sunita Chandra, Registrar BBAU on this occasion said,"the scientific writing is not an easy task; Researchers should adopt the latex technique in scientific writing and research paper."
She added,"the remedy of latex can grow the capacity of research in Youth Researchers. The academic institutions, working jointly, can strengthen the efforts for this purpose."
Dr. Shashi Bhushan Head of Department (Mathematics and Statistics) highlighted the core theme of this Workshop.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


By on Thursday, February 16, 2017
Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
69 constituencies in 12 districts of UP are to be voted in third phase of UP Assembly election on 19th February. Etawah and the adjoining areas which are a strong hold of Samajwadi Party have to be voted in this phase. Farukhabad, Hardoi, Kannauj, Mainpuri, Etawah, Aurayya, Kanpur rural, Kanpur urban, Lucknow, Unnao and Barabanki Sitapur -- all the districts are to be voted by public, but every quizzing eyes are gauging the win on Assembly  constituency Lucknow cantt. Not only it is a seat for SP, but also it is a bid of respect  for SP family.
Actually, the younger daughter in law of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Aparna Yadav, is in fray from Lucknow cantt. She is going to face Rita Bahuguna Joshi who is now in fight on BJP ticket. Rita had been a sitting cong MLA from cantt in last election. Now she has a backing of BJP's vote bank. This is the reason why SP is ready to make her win sured. Mulayam Singh went for her poll campaign and participated in the rally.
Mulayam said, " Aparna is younger daughter in law; it is a bid for my dignified respect -- so she ought to be won please -- She will  work for your development."
Elder of Aparna, Dimple wife of UP CM addressed a joint public meeting with Aparna. the public meeting was organised at Naka Hindola Lucknow area under cantt Assembly Constituency. Shobha Ojha, congress, was also there. both were normal; aparna touched Dimple's feet as a bless in Hindu rituals. Dimple said with appeal to make Aparna's win in the election, if I began to count development work, there will be evening from morning."
Aparna said, “My party has done various development works in the state."
She added, "the reason behind it, why alliance came in existence,  is because to prevent the breakers."
Akhilesh Yadav also is going to address a public meeting to create an affirmative atmosphere on Thursday in the favour of Aparna in cantt constituency.

Friendship here speaks only; but do selfish work: Modi in Kannauj

By on Thursday, February 16, 2017
 Anurag Dubey
The election rally is continued in Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi addressed a rally in Kannauj. He targeted Akhilesh here including alliance. PM apologised to people's gathering that faced difficulties of insufficient place in the field here to listen him.
the Kannauj land is the perfume generating land. PM Modi said that the bullet firing was done over Mr Mulayam Singh on year 1984. Chaudhari Charan Singh and Atal Bihari Bajpai both began a protest campaign for justice to Mulayam Singh Ji. Akhilesh Yadav ji! Recall that day when the congress had hatched an attack on your father.
The alliance with congress is a shame for Akhilesh.
PM said over alliance, “It is exactly like a movie on a stage of politics is going on in which two enemy fought; and caressed eventually hugging to each other.
Akhilesh and Rahul both were present in a joint press conference -- Akhilesh reacted on Mayawati; Rahul was silent. Akhilesh is immature; but congress is very much clever. Congress is with SP in one step; and with BSP, in another. The smell of corruption done by congress is emanating today. 
Modi, taunting over SP, has said that even a single vecle is not my own and samajwadi parties home are the owner of hundreds vehicles. The government must be dedicated for the poor, the downtrodden, and the deprived persons. if the poor spend Rs 30 for meal, the union government paid Rs 27 to them. The government of UP is not able to provide the list of poor in the state. The state government is not taking grant of fund for poor's meal.
PM Modi, without taking her name, targeted Dimple and quizzed about the promise she had for the potato chips factory which was to be planted here. Daughter in law of Samajwadi party family has not yet fulfilled her promise. Modi said that the potatoes, onions and garlics will be purchased with farmers on MSP.
A farmer journey was marched in UP and factory of potatoes journey is among the farmers. They don't know where the potatoes are produced -- in factory or in the fields! IF the BJP government comes in power, the small farmers’ loans will be waived in Uttar Pradesh.; just if the BJP government takes the power of state, the loans waiving responsibility is mine.
Some people were protesting the demonetisation, but the voters have nose downed or crushed them.
the BJP MLC candidate were elected with high majority votes. What happened? Why didn't like this friendship?? they speak only but do the selfish work.
The corporation election in Chandigarh won by BJP 2/3 majority. The BJP also won the Municipal Panchayat election in Maharastra.
 The BJP won the election after demonetisation in Chandigarh, Odisha, Maharastra and Rajsthan.
I thanks to the people in state of Odisha from the earth of Kannauj. The public in Odisha gave unprecedented support for the BJP.
He said, “nothing is UP in Uttar Pradesh; everything is down; but his trickery speaks."
The scam is done in police recruitment. the police stations in the state have turned into the office of Samajwadi party. if the BJP government comes in power, it will open raw truth of the foul.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tardy justice came too late;Apex court convicted Shasikala Natrajan

By on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tardy justice came too late. General Secretary AIADMK, Shasikala Natrajan has been convicted by Apex court on Tuesday. The verdict for disproportionate wealth has been delivered by Supreme Court this week, which had found Shasikala accused in case of wealth more than income.
Actually, the state government had appealed after the acquittal from the Karnatak high court in the case. Shasikala has been sentenced 4 years imprisonment. AIADMK has alleged over BJP to tarnish image of Amma.
 The relief application on health basis may be file before court for seeking 4 weeks surrender time.
The lawyer has dubbed it a land mark decision. Court judgement is in many pages. The decision is a message that there is no place of corruption in this country. it is a big win against corruption.
Shasikala friend of Late J. Jailalitha, former CM of TamilNadu was involved in the case of 66 crore wealth more than income, in which the lower court had convicted her with J. Jailalitha, however High Court acquitted the both in this case.
Kovathur, TN: Security deployed outside Golden Bay Resort as a precaution in wake of today's judgement in DA case against 
#VKSasikala pic.twitter.com/FGPGp0iusz
— ANI (@ANI_news) February 14, 2017
Supreme court said on Tuesday that the trial court was right on its decision. Supreme court dismissed the order of high court. Trial court had convicted Shasikala, and sentenced 4 years jail, which has been maintained by the apex court. It means that Shasikala will be arrested and  will be sent to jail. She had been in jail earlier for 6 months in this case.
 Now it is to clarify here that Jailaltha, Shasikala and two other relatives’ acquittal order by Karnatak high court had been challenged in Supreme court by Karnatak government.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Voters' mood in Western UP will decide Assembly

By on Monday, February 13, 2017

Anurag Dubey; Political Analyst
The BSP supremo, Mayawati, targeted the opposition parties in her Muradabad rally claiming her win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election on Friday this week. She said, targeting the BJP that is in the fray with the poster of PM Modi, “While the law and order in Delhi is not being controlled by the Union Government, how will they be able to control in Uttar Pradesh.”
Jab kendra sarkar Delhi ki qaanoon vwayastha nahi sambhal pa rahi hai to UP ka kaise sambhal paayegi: Mayawati in Moradabad. #uppolls2017 pic.twitter.com/qyIv83JaZY
— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) February 10, 2017
Mayawati said here, “the law and order has been failed during the tenure of SP Government. The BSP will maintain again the rule of law and order.” Targeting SP and congress alliance, she has said that the congress has done alliance in the covet of power with SP which is anti- minority.
Mayawati did many luring promises in her Muradabad rally. She said, “our government will waive the loans of farmers; the landless and Dalits will be allocated lands."  Mayawati promised to provide the better quality of mid-day meals as milk, eggs and other nutritious food with solving the problems of Shikshamitras.
The political examination of UP Assembly Election is continued. The 73 assembly constituencies of 15 districts voting have been franchised.  Which districts and which constituency seats of these -- in political equation what is going on? Let’s see?
Eta: Aliganj seat of Eta has majority supporters of SP, and the seat was won by SP since last 4 time’s election. Eta seat had been  won 3 times by SP in last 4 elections; Jalesar had been in hand of both BJP and SP alternately Assembly Election; Marhara seat had been won in hand of SP..
Kasganj has three constituencies; Patiyali and Amanpur are in Kasganj district. Manpal Singh is the present MLA from SP in Kasganj. He had won in 2002. However the seat came in hand of BSP in year 2007. BSP has possessed seat Amanpur during this tenure. Patiyali seat was won by BJP, BSP, BSP, SP respectively in last 4 elections.
Firojabad: five assembly constituencies are in Firojabad district. Firojabad seat has been in hand of 3 different parties in last three assembly election. Mr Azeem Bhai had been MLA from SP during the tenure 2002-2007; then the mandate was given to Nasirruddin of BSP IN 2007 and Manishasija won election on BJP candidate in year 2012.
Jasrana was a strong hold area of SP where Mr Ramveer singh of SP candidate was 4 times winner MLA in this constituency. Mr Harioam was SP candidate from Shikohabad constituency in year 2002; he won election, but Mr Ashok Yadav was in fray on SP ticket and won it. The seat was in account of SP on year 2012. Sirsaganj was also won by SP candidate in year 2012. Tudla was in BSP account in past two elections while it was in SP account in 2002.
9 Assembly constituencies are in Agra. BSP was the winner in the past 3 election in Agra cantt while Agra North had been in BJP account. Agra rural is in possession of BSP since last 3 election; and Agra South is the strong hold area of BJP. In year 2007 BSP captured this seat, but BJP retained seat again in year 2012. Raja Aridaman Singh of SP is the present MLA from Bah seat. The votes have been cast here for candidates, not on Parties name. Etmadpur seat has been in BSP hand since last 3 elections. Fatehpur seat has been in account of three different parties consecutively. Fatehabad seat has been in account of BSP. Kheragarh has been in hand of BSP since last 2 elections.
Hathras has three constituencies. Hathras of these has been strong hold area of BSP. Sadabad won by SP in last election but RLD had been winner in earlier 3 elections of last contest. Sikandra Rao seat is presently in hand of BSP.
Mathura has 5 assembly constituencies. RLD is winner from Baldev, Chhata, and Mant seats in last election; and Mathura Assembly constituency won by congress in last 3 elections. BSP won from Govardhan seat.
Gautam Budh Nagar(NOIDA NCR) has 3 Assembly constituencies; namely, Dadri (famous with Akhlaq murder case), NOIDA, Jewar. While last election was won by BSP defeating BJP candidate. Jewar has been in BSP account
Noida is in BJP account so far. Mahesh Kumar Sharma had been winner, but after being elected MP, Vimla Bottham Sharma of BJP won by election from here.
Hapur district has 3 Assembly constituencies; namely, Dhaulana, Gadhmukteswar, Hapur(SC). Dharmesh Singh Tomar of SP is MLA from Dhaulana. Gadhmukteswar constituency has been in SP since last 3 elections. Hapur has been in BSP from 2002 to 2007, but it goes to congress in last election.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


By on Saturday, February 11, 2017
Centre of Technology Entrepreneurship Development (CTED) organised two weeks training Programme with the help of EDI Ahmedabad. This programme is continued in Dr.Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University Lucknow from the past two weeks. The faculty members of many institutions have been disseminated with the entrepreneurship training programme.
Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, an officer from Khadi and Gram Udyog Board Lucknow, told here giving informations about many Government Plans; namely, PM Rojgar Srajan Karykram(PMRCP), CM Self Employment Plans, and  Trade Fairs that is being carried out by the board.

 Miss Mamta Chauhan, senior faculty member of Entrepreneur Development Institute, highlighted the process to prepare the projects; told about the carefulness in detail;and also told its importance.
She added that your project is the horoscope of your industry, which will assist you to investigate its analysis and benefits.
 The programme is going on at DSMRU Lucknow where 22 faculties members of many institutions have participated here on Saturday this week.
Mr. UN Mishra is the Coordinator of this programme and the participants from DSMRU were Dr. DB Singh, Dr. Ashok Singh, Dr Praveen Mishra who also helped to organise this programme in university. The Programme will end on 13 February next week.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Samajwadi Party only worked for Yadavas: Bukhari, Shahi Imam

By on Friday, February 10, 2017
Changing his side after a few hours of the first phase voting publicity end, Shahi Imam Zama Masjid, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, has declared his support to the BSP in the coming Assembly Election in UP. Mr Bukhari has alleged the SP that it worked for Yadavas only and ignored the Muslims. Exactly before it, the Students Association of Aligarh Muslim University announced its support to the BSP on Thursday.
Not just the students association of Aligarh Muslim University alleged not to fulfill the promise by the present Akhilesh government in UP. the president and the vice president of association told in a press conference.
It is noticeable that the election will be in five phase in UP. In the wake of election the SP and the BSP both are in effort to lure the muslim votes. It is to inform that the Thursday is the last day of first round election campaign. The first phase voting in UP is to be on February 11 .

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Voters Awareness Rally Organised at DAV PG College

By on Thursday, February 09, 2017
The voters’ awareness rally was organized on the directives of Additional District Magistrate, Dr. Sristi Dhawan and Nidhi Srivastav including other employees at DAV PG College Lucknow on Wednesday morning this week. Mr KK Pandey, principal in the presence of other higher official of local administration, addressed to the students and the teachers. He said, “Our voters are the fate of this big democracy, and if it is not strengthen today, this will not shape our tomorrow. So we will have to aware them  about the value of their votes.”
It is to inform here that the Assembly Election-2017 is going on in UP, and the polling in Lucknow is to take place on 19th February 2017.
The students, the NCC cadets, the NSS cadets and the teachers – all with banners, posters and slogans marched by the road, covering distance of 8 Kilometer, surrounding area from the college. The rally march was flagged off by Dr KK Pandey.

Former CM's suicide notes unearth serious allegations

By on Thursday, February 09, 2017

  • Kalikho pul wrote in his suicide letter, “My close friends and I were approached many times that, if I had given Rs 86 crore, the decision would  have been in my favour; I’m simple man – neither I have so much money, nor I have such intention to do so.”
  • He wrote about Pema Khandu who joined BJP recently and is the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, “the people should consider and think that how much wealth before being minister he had? And how much he has now? He had no such machine and factory to produce the money and nor he had the stashed money – so where all this money had come from?”
  • Pool writes, “this is the public money and the ministers who, showing the awe of money, scare and threaten the public; and the public become their followers. The public must ask the answer of this, and the matter should be investigated thoroughly.”
  • So far unexplained PDS scam in the state, pool writes, “it was first time of my 23 years political career when i saw the payment on the PDS bill's photocopy while no such any state which pay in this manner.”
  • He added in his letter, “the amount more than Rs 600 crore under PDS were paid. These amounts were paid from state development fund. While it was the scheme of union government; and seeing this scandal, union government stopped the grant. The main accused of this scam are Dorji Khandu, Pema Khandu, Nabam Tuki and Chowna Mein.”
  • Pul writes, “As did I take the charge of Chief Ministership, I probed the case and tried to save the state government. My government filed case against FCI and union government and filed a writ petition for reconsideration in the apex court.”
  • He wrote, ‘I am aggrieved that the former ministers, former chief ministers and the officers – all they with nexus got the important documents and files disappeared, which failed me to save the state government in this case. The chief secretary, the secretary, the directors and the officers — all these were to go in jail.”
  • The statements in the letter had been written before his suicide. The former chief minister, Kalikho pul’s suicide has exposed many sensational matters. The 60 pages suicide notes Kalikho pul had written a day before of his self-hanging in Itanagar on August 9th, 2016. Pul has made serious allegations in this letter against the leaders of state; namely, Pema Khandu, present chief minister and Chowna Mein, deputy chief minister, including the incumbent on legal posts.

Pul had been the Chief Minister in Arunachal Pradesh for 4 months and he had to step down after the Supreme Court order. The apex court had dubbed removal of Tuki’s government illegal. Pul who had begun his career working as a gateman in a local school committed suicide allegedly over this court order after a month.
The suicide notes recovered from the spot was in police possession, and this had made mystery of his write-up. However these allegations are still awaited to be scrutinised.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Rahul asked questions after his derision

By on Wednesday, February 08, 2017
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, grated derision over congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, during Vote of Thanks on the President's Address on Tuesday. He quipped on Rahul's remark for earthquake and said, “We had overheard the threatening of earthquake earlier; but it shake Yesterday.” It is noticeable, Rahul Gandhi, alleging for not to speak on demonetization issue in parliament, had said, “If I speak the earthquake will come.”
Rahul answered by tweet, “The Prime Minister mocks the tragedy of Uttarakhand and insults the freedom struggle but has no answers to the opposition's questions."
How much black money seized after November 8th, 2016?
How much economic loss country faced and how many men lost their employments
 how many deaths occurred because of demonetision. have they given any compensation?
Why didn't the PM consult with the experts, the economists and the RBI for demonetization?
How many countrymen deposited more than 25 lakh in their accounts before November 8th, 2016?

The Prime Minister told Parliament, "The earthquake came yesterday, has rocked the ... earthquake has come at last. I was wondering how it was? Because I had already heard of threatening, there are some reasons why motherland is too much angry? I was wondering why earthquake shake even when someone see a "spirit of service “in scam; see the spirit of humanity in scam - not only the mother, but also the mother land becomes unhappy, which resulted in the earthquake."