Brawl spills in Varanasi; fracas between locals and students -- injured 12 people

The Students of Banaras Hindu University  and the local shopkeepers in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh clashed on Saturday evening. Both groups manhandled each other fiercely and stone pelting incident has also been reported. The matter turned violent after a brawl on eve teasing.
A girl student was teased two days ago, and after the incident the students of university had fiercely manhandled the son of a local shopkeeper. When these students came out of campus on Saturday, the local shopkeepers manhandled with the students.
As the matter came in knowledge of other students, they gathered at the BHU main gate and began scuffling with shopkeepers. After a while, both groups started stone pelting.
The police reached the spot and tried to control the situation, but the students were not convinced. They began stone pelting over police. The nearby shops were shut down and a panic situation has been created in the area.
According to the report, the incident of manhandling took place between the BHU students and the Jamming businessmen at Lanka; and hocky, rod and lathi were used in this clash. it is alleged that the students making orgy with shoppers and passers have beaten them ran also ran.

That the petrol bombs were used has been reported. More than 12 people have injured in this incident. The official information is awaited.

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