Former CM's suicide notes unearth serious allegations

  • Kalikho pul wrote in his suicide letter, “My close friends and I were approached many times that, if I had given Rs 86 crore, the decision would  have been in my favour; I’m simple man – neither I have so much money, nor I have such intention to do so.”
  • He wrote about Pema Khandu who joined BJP recently and is the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, “the people should consider and think that how much wealth before being minister he had? And how much he has now? He had no such machine and factory to produce the money and nor he had the stashed money – so where all this money had come from?”
  • Pool writes, “this is the public money and the ministers who, showing the awe of money, scare and threaten the public; and the public become their followers. The public must ask the answer of this, and the matter should be investigated thoroughly.”
  • So far unexplained PDS scam in the state, pool writes, “it was first time of my 23 years political career when i saw the payment on the PDS bill's photocopy while no such any state which pay in this manner.”
  • He added in his letter, “the amount more than Rs 600 crore under PDS were paid. These amounts were paid from state development fund. While it was the scheme of union government; and seeing this scandal, union government stopped the grant. The main accused of this scam are Dorji Khandu, Pema Khandu, Nabam Tuki and Chowna Mein.”
  • Pul writes, “As did I take the charge of Chief Ministership, I probed the case and tried to save the state government. My government filed case against FCI and union government and filed a writ petition for reconsideration in the apex court.”
  • He wrote, ‘I am aggrieved that the former ministers, former chief ministers and the officers – all they with nexus got the important documents and files disappeared, which failed me to save the state government in this case. The chief secretary, the secretary, the directors and the officers — all these were to go in jail.”
  • The statements in the letter had been written before his suicide. The former chief minister, Kalikho pul’s suicide has exposed many sensational matters. The 60 pages suicide notes Kalikho pul had written a day before of his self-hanging in Itanagar on August 9th, 2016. Pul has made serious allegations in this letter against the leaders of state; namely, Pema Khandu, present chief minister and Chowna Mein, deputy chief minister, including the incumbent on legal posts.

Pul had been the Chief Minister in Arunachal Pradesh for 4 months and he had to step down after the Supreme Court order. The apex court had dubbed removal of Tuki’s government illegal. Pul who had begun his career working as a gateman in a local school committed suicide allegedly over this court order after a month.
The suicide notes recovered from the spot was in police possession, and this had made mystery of his write-up. However these allegations are still awaited to be scrutinised.

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