Friendship here speaks only; but do selfish work: Modi in Kannauj

 Anurag Dubey
The election rally is continued in Uttar Pradesh. PM Modi addressed a rally in Kannauj. He targeted Akhilesh here including alliance. PM apologised to people's gathering that faced difficulties of insufficient place in the field here to listen him.
the Kannauj land is the perfume generating land. PM Modi said that the bullet firing was done over Mr Mulayam Singh on year 1984. Chaudhari Charan Singh and Atal Bihari Bajpai both began a protest campaign for justice to Mulayam Singh Ji. Akhilesh Yadav ji! Recall that day when the congress had hatched an attack on your father.
The alliance with congress is a shame for Akhilesh.
PM said over alliance, “It is exactly like a movie on a stage of politics is going on in which two enemy fought; and caressed eventually hugging to each other.
Akhilesh and Rahul both were present in a joint press conference -- Akhilesh reacted on Mayawati; Rahul was silent. Akhilesh is immature; but congress is very much clever. Congress is with SP in one step; and with BSP, in another. The smell of corruption done by congress is emanating today. 
Modi, taunting over SP, has said that even a single vecle is not my own and samajwadi parties home are the owner of hundreds vehicles. The government must be dedicated for the poor, the downtrodden, and the deprived persons. if the poor spend Rs 30 for meal, the union government paid Rs 27 to them. The government of UP is not able to provide the list of poor in the state. The state government is not taking grant of fund for poor's meal.
PM Modi, without taking her name, targeted Dimple and quizzed about the promise she had for the potato chips factory which was to be planted here. Daughter in law of Samajwadi party family has not yet fulfilled her promise. Modi said that the potatoes, onions and garlics will be purchased with farmers on MSP.
A farmer journey was marched in UP and factory of potatoes journey is among the farmers. They don't know where the potatoes are produced -- in factory or in the fields! IF the BJP government comes in power, the small farmers’ loans will be waived in Uttar Pradesh.; just if the BJP government takes the power of state, the loans waiving responsibility is mine.
Some people were protesting the demonetisation, but the voters have nose downed or crushed them.
the BJP MLC candidate were elected with high majority votes. What happened? Why didn't like this friendship?? they speak only but do the selfish work.
The corporation election in Chandigarh won by BJP 2/3 majority. The BJP also won the Municipal Panchayat election in Maharastra.
 The BJP won the election after demonetisation in Chandigarh, Odisha, Maharastra and Rajsthan.
I thanks to the people in state of Odisha from the earth of Kannauj. The public in Odisha gave unprecedented support for the BJP.
He said, “nothing is UP in Uttar Pradesh; everything is down; but his trickery speaks."
The scam is done in police recruitment. the police stations in the state have turned into the office of Samajwadi party. if the BJP government comes in power, it will open raw truth of the foul.

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