How vulnerable is now city of Nawabs;the threatened man killed

LUCKNOW: Shravan Sahu, 62, sat on his shop at Sahadat Ganj on Wednesday late evening when he was targeted by the two motorbike borne assailants who had wore helmets.
According to local residents bike-borne assailants were lay in wait in the locality and opened indiscriminate fire at Shravan killing him at the spot. At least three bullets pierced through his body.
 According to the information, Mr Sahu was hurt by the murder of his son, Ayush, who was killed by Aqueel at Cambell road beer bar.
Ayush and Aqueel had the fond of gambling; and owing to this, Aqueel had lost a hefty amount to Ayush during the play; which resulted a brawl between the duos.
 Mr Sahu was pursuing the murder case of his slain son, and was constantly being threatened of dire consequences.
A listed criminal from Thakurganj, Aqeel had shot dead Shravan's son Ayush (26) on 16 October 2013. Shravan was being threatened by Aqeel constantly to stop pursuing the case and the Daalmandi based businessman had complained about the threat to his life to senior police officers.
Mr Shashikant Yadav had deployed two gunners for the safety measures, but he was removed a few days ago. A police picket was a few meters away from the incident spot. As the assailants attacked over Sahu, the policemen disappeared at the hour of his need from the scene.
He was the trigger which resulted in dismissal of a sub-inspector and two policemen from services and exposing criminal-police nexus existing within the ranks of city police. Shravan Sahu complained to city police about Aqeel's connections with policemen and remained in news off late for highlighting the nexus.
The police whom he had expected to obtain the security were hatching conspiracy against him; and had sketched the plan of it.
The shocking incident exposes the failure of city police in providing security to a man who faced threat from hardcore criminals. 
What happened before murder?
On January 10, city police found out about nexus between Aqeel and sub-inspector Dhirendra Shukla and constables Anil Singh and Dhirendra Yadav. The policemen were allegedly trying to frame Shravan in a fake case at Aqeel's behest. But the move backfired when Shravan produced evidences against the group before senior officials.

Post inquiries, the three were dismissed from services while six others were sent to police lines. DIG Praveen Kumar constituted five teams to probe the case.

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