'I have no interest about the mules': Akhilesh Yadav in Bahraich

The voting for 4th phase of UP assembly election is to be exercised tomorrow, but the harsh words to circumvent each other during the election campaign are being used continuously. The Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav, during his election rally in Bahraich, again referred to the mules; however he said that he was not interested to know about mules.
Akhilesh said that the CM of Gujarat was saying to me that the CM of UP was unknown from our mules – I did not want to raise the matter, but if the CM of Gujarat is saying, I openly say that I have no interest about the mules.
It is noticeable that Akhilesh had said in a past rally: "the mules are promoted in Gujarat by superstar of century." The BJP raise objection over the statement by the UP CM. Vijey Rupani, CM of Gujrat, said: "Akhilesh has certainly no knowledge of these Gujarat's mules." Akhilesh was replying to the statement of Gujrat CM.
Akhilesh, targeting PM Modi, said: during the demonetization, you had assured that the black money, corruption and terrorism will be eliminated, but where is that statistics? Akhilesh said that the PM Modi has lost the battle and BJP is evading the issues of development

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