Pragya Singh Thakur and 7 others acquitted in RSS Pracharak murder case.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh including 7 others has been acquitted by the Devas court in the murder case of Sunil Joshi, RSS campaigner, on Wednesday. Mr Joshi had been killed a few meters away from his residence on 29th December 2007 in the area of lime mining at Devas. Mr Joshi was then well known campaigner of RSS
A prime community was targeted aftermath of next day of murder; and, because the close-one of Mr. Joshi had turned this murder into the communal shape, 4 members of a family were killed in the consequence.  
The suspicion surfaced later lest the companion of Mr. Joshi killed him; so that a chronological link of saffron terror could be eliminated, which had been put under accusation scanner of involvement of bomb explosion in Samjhauta Express including many other such involvement.
All these were accused of bomb explosion in Samjhauta Express. Sadhvi Pragya Singh was alleged that she was the part of saffron terrorism network, and she was arrested later for her alleged conspiracy in the matter of Sunil Joshi murder.
Sunil Joshi murder case was handed over to NIA in the year 2011. The NIA investigated the matter of terrorism connection with Abhinav Bharat. NIA filed a chargesheet of murder case of Sunil Joshi in a special court within a few months after the NDA had come in power in year 2014.
The NIA report dismissed any connection with the group of right wing. The case was transferred to the Devas court in September 2014.
Devas court framed the charges against Sadhvi Pragya and 7 others based on earlier investigation by Devas police after a year, but the murder case of Sunil Joshi still stands a mystery as earlier was —  after giving the acquittal order by the court.

Now it is clearly appears that Sunil Joshi was murdered by none — at least not those who have been acquitted in this case.

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