Rahul asked questions after his derision

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, grated derision over congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, during Vote of Thanks on the President's Address on Tuesday. He quipped on Rahul's remark for earthquake and said, “We had overheard the threatening of earthquake earlier; but it shake Yesterday.” It is noticeable, Rahul Gandhi, alleging for not to speak on demonetization issue in parliament, had said, “If I speak the earthquake will come.”
Rahul answered by tweet, “The Prime Minister mocks the tragedy of Uttarakhand and insults the freedom struggle but has no answers to the opposition's questions."
How much black money seized after November 8th, 2016?
How much economic loss country faced and how many men lost their employments
 how many deaths occurred because of demonetision. have they given any compensation?
Why didn't the PM consult with the experts, the economists and the RBI for demonetization?
How many countrymen deposited more than 25 lakh in their accounts before November 8th, 2016?

The Prime Minister told Parliament, "The earthquake came yesterday, has rocked the ... earthquake has come at last. I was wondering how it was? Because I had already heard of threatening, there are some reasons why motherland is too much angry? I was wondering why earthquake shake even when someone see a "spirit of service “in scam; see the spirit of humanity in scam - not only the mother, but also the mother land becomes unhappy, which resulted in the earthquake."

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