Shashikala Natarajan is to be TN CM

  PIL filed to restrain swearing in ceremony

After the death of former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, and the AIADMK chief, J. Jailalitha, it was being assumed that her close one; Shashikala Natrajan would take charge of party.  First, she took the command of party; now she is going to be the CM of state. She will take oath on Tuesday morning.
While public interest litigation filed in the top court sought to restrain the swearing-in ceremony, a plea has been filed in Supreme Court stating that she shouldn't be the next Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.
According to reports, the plea states that Shashikala should not be given the top post until the Supreme Court announces its verdict in Jaya’s illegal assets case next week. Shashikala is a co-accused in the case.
Shashikala had been much close to J.Jayalalitha since long; but she did never make her access directly in the politics.
 Whenever Jailalitha was in trouble or she had to leave Chief Ministership, she entrusted her charge to Panirselvam; not to Shashikala.
Now the question is posing at last why Shashikala is going to take chief minister ship? While being Panirselvam on the post after the death of Jailalitha.
Jailalitha did not rely over Shashikala directly in the matter of politics. She had once forbidden clearly to Mr M.Natrajan, husband of Shashikala, for interfering in the party affair. Once upon a time Jailalitha had much attraction with the family of Shashikala, but she had distanced herself from Shashikala after being involved in the matter of possessing more wealth than income.
Jailalitha had met with Shashikala in the decade of 1980. She was the publicity secretary in the party then. The friendship of both, she and Shashikala, had been during the three decade. Shashikala was alleged to feed Jailalitha slow poison because she had intended to make her husband Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Jailalitha expelled her from the party and made distances from her. Shashikala apologized later; and was inducted again in the party.
2 times became chief minister of Tamilnadu, Panirselvam took charge of CM on 29th September 2014 and kept it upto 22nd May 2015.
 He never sat on the chair of Jailalitha during this period. Panirselvam was officiating CM’s post and was seeing the state government’s work together the party since 22nd September when Jailalitha was admitted to the hospital.

The cabinet in front the picture of Jailalitha took the important decisions; the practice came in existence after the directives of Panirselvam.

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