Mohammad Husain Fazli has returned from Delhi to Srinagar among his family members after passing 12 years in jail. The Court acquitted him on the ground of innocence in Delhi serial Blast Case in the Year 2005 on Thursday of last week.
Fazli had been arrested from his home at Srinagar in November 2005 in this case, and then he was 30 years old. His family took a decade to prove Fazli's innocence in the case.
 The sanguine of living with the family after passing so many years in jail can be seen on his face. His eyes raise many questions, "Who will give back the life of the 12 years?"
Fazli said on acquitting in Delhi blast, "They had arrested me. I kept on shouting that I never visited to Delhi in my life."
Of the three Kashmiri youths, Fazli is also one whom Delhi Court acquitted in the serial blast case. Fazli's family after his returning is very happy. While waiting they had quit all the hopes.
According to Fazli, that he has been acquitted was not told to his mother till last moment. Fazli said, "What does result come eventually in the court was not sure to us. Something might have happened there. That mother had had in much hope so was not in my desire to inform in such situations. She has had a stroke already.
“As far as he was not aware of his residential address according to media; many things have changed in a decade for Fazli.  
Fazli is now 43 years old. Fazli have been acquitted on last Thursday. He was freed from Jail. Fazli was a skilled Shawl weaver before his arrest. Mohammad Rafeeq Shah, Tariq Ahmad Dar had been arrested in Delhi serial blast case on November 2005.
Court has acquitted Rafiq Shah and Fazli on Thursday, but Dar have been sentenced 10 Years imprisonment. Dar has already passed his 10 years imprisonment in jail.
Fazli has a question:"Why did so happen to him. Fazli demand Justice, but it not for him only."
He says, "I want to take up those responsible people who are the creators of such situation; not for us because I have lost my important years of my life in jail. I want to do so that it should never be happened for others.
According to Fazli," if the financial crises of my home became healthy, he could have been freed from jail earlier. He had no sufficient money to appeal in the high court. Fazli's parent never reached to meet him during his jail period. The reason behind was lack of money.
Fazli, after seeing his parent, has said that he will care his parent, living with him; and will get them treated; but he has big problem of money. Fazli has a need of employment in such conditions.
Fazli is among his family members now, but the question posing people are not less after his acquittal. Such questions are being posed whether the investigating agency was not able to collect the evidence against Fazli, which resulted in his acquittal.

Whatever may have happened, but Fazli's Character has been free from the blot of terrorist activities after the acquittal from the Court.

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