'The benefits of 93 schemes have failed to reach the people in UP due to corrupt state government...' Amit Shah at Maharajganj

The salient point of BJP national president AmitShah's speech during a public meeting at Maharajganj Uttar Pradesh.
  • I have been touring every nook and corner of UP since the last one year and everywhere, I have witnessed huge wave of support in favour of BJP. I am here to tell you that BJP will form the next government in UP on March 11 with two-third majority
  • When you vote for BJP in these assembly elections, do not vote for our party candidate, do not vote to change the government or do not vote to change the CM but vote to change the fortune and destiny Uttar Pradesh
  • We must form a government in UP that takes the state on the path of progress and development under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi...Do you get 24 hour electricity in your homes?... Is every village connected by road network?... Have youths got jobs? Are women safe and secure?...Are traders securing?
  • Your resounding no to each of my questions is in contradiction to Akhilesh Yadav tall claims that the development work done by him speaks for itself. It is not Akhilesh’s development work, but his misdeeds that speak for themselves.
  • In the last 15 years, it is either SP or BSP that ruled the state. As a result, UP today lags way behind other states on all parameters of progress and development. The Bua-Bhatija rule has destroyed UP
  • In these 15 years, a number of other states have raced ahead of UP in terms of development. There is 24 hour power, there is road connecting every village, there are industries and jobs for youth, women are secure, there are irrigation facilities, and Mandis have been modernized. However, none of this has happened in UP
  • Rahul Gandhi has been asking Modiji about the achievements of BJP government in the last 2.5 years. To answer him, first of all, we gave a PM who speaks and interacts with the people of this country. The UPA government gave a PM whose voice was not heard by anyone in the country for 10 long years
  • We have given a transparent government at the centre that has not faced even one allegation of corruption in the last 2.5 years
  • The Modi government has also launched 93 schemes or one scheme every fortnight in the last 2.5 years for the benefit of the poor, women, youth, farmers, backward, and Dalits. However, the benefits of these schemes have failed to reach the people in UP due to corrupt state government
  •  PM Modi is carrying out large scale development across the country and the credit for it goes to UP that blessed BJP with 73 out of 80 Lok Sabha seats. This allowed BJP to form a full majority government under Narendra Modi
  • The voters of UP have given one engine of development at the centre when they gave a resounding mandate to BJP in 2014. While that engine is working for UP, it is unable to provide comprehensive and all round development to the state. Hence I urge you to vote for BJP’s engine in assembly polls as well so that twin engines significantly push pace of development
  •  If BJP forms government in UP, we will waive off loans of all small and marginal farmers. We have also decided that all loans for farmers in future will come at zero interest rate
  • Under SP government, there have been many cases where cattle of farmers have been stolen by those running slaughter houses. I assure you that the day BJP CM takes oath, we will bring an ordinance to shut down all slaughter houses to save the state’s cattle. No one has the right to slaughter cow, buffalo or ox on the holy land of UP that results in a pool of blood. Instead, UP should have abundant supply of milk and ghee #
  • The Akhilesh government distributed laptops to the state’s youth on the basis of religion and caste. However, when we come to power, we will provide free laptop along with 1 GB of data connectivity to the youth irrespective of their caste or religion
  • when we come to power in UP, we will end the practice of interview for government jobs under group 3 and group 4 so that corruption is weeded out and there is no discrimination. Jobs in the state under these groups will be given purely on the basis of merit
  • I urge you to ensure a BJP government in the state with 2/3rd majority 

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