Army personnel found hung from ceiling; had exposed corruption by facebook video post

The army personnel who had posed questions of the lapse in system were found dead on Thursday. , His hanging body was recovered from ceiling in a barrack room at arid of Diwali Cantt Maharashtra amid a wrestling began on army issue a few days ago.
According to the media report, Mathew, age 33, had died three days ago, which caused his body rotten? A video had been viral earlier, in which he was making walk to officers’ dogs and carrying their children to school; after which had raised the question over running the assistant doings of army. Mathew was in army since 13 years.
He had been disappeared for the past many days, and he was feeling much extrinsic after the video viral.
The growing complaints by the army personnel in the past few days, the chairman of parliamentary standing committee, Major general, BC Khandoori, has already said, “there is no need of assistant to the officers at the peace station. He added the assistants have been appointed for which particular works must be deployed to perform that duty; the sepoy must not be used in any condition to the other works. Khanduri told that there is no need assistant system in army.”

He said, “Wherever the civilian cannot make their access, the personnel can do the needful works; but the personnel must not be misused. The continuous complaint over food provisions, he said that enough care is taken of food in military; but there should not be still any negligence about the food. He added there should be change in the conduct of military.”
It is noticeable that the Home Ministry had asked the report over the provisions of foods and misbehavior with the personnel after their complaint through social media. Afterward the army chief, Bipin Rawat, said, “The army personnel can lodge direct him their complaints.”
A BSF personnel, Tej Bahadur Yadav, had come in social media through his video post in which he had disclosed the corruption in food provisions and misbehavior with the army personnel by the higher officials. The personnel had asked to PM Modi to eliminate corruption.

BSF personnel, Tej Bahadur Yadav, had raised the question over the food quality in the camp through the video post on facebook. Home Minister had ordered to investigate the matter. 

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