'Be ready for Mahakal punishment' a threatening on criticising BJP- Modi: Ramachandra Guha

Renowned historian and writer, Ramachandra Guha, has been threatened via mail this week.
Renowned writer and historian, Ramchandra Guha has said on tweet that he has been threatened for criticizing BJP and PM Narendra Modi. Ram Chandra Guha informed through his tweet on Tuesday that he is being mailed incessantly in this way, which has such threat that if PM Modi and BJP are criticized, divine Mahakal will punish you.

Many people/ids sending identical mails warning me to "get ready to be punishment (sic) by Divine Mahakal" for being critical of the BJP.

I am also warned not to criticize Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who "are blessed & divine chosen one by Divine Mahakal to change the world".
58 years old, Guha has claimed that mail has revealed the premonition: "do not even criticize to the BJP president Amit Shah." He said, “I have been also warned to evade the criticism.” He told that such mails are sent us regularly, so it has no new trend.
This renowned historian recently by Supreme Court has been appointed in the cricket controller committee to run BCCI. He is famous cricket historian. He has a vast knowledge about first class cricket. He has been writing columns for cricket in important news papers of country and world.

Ramchandra Guha is well known for writing on social and political history. ‘Gandhi Before India’ and ‘India After Gandhi’ are his famous writing. He puts his opinion commonly on social issues by tweet.

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