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Kshitiz Kant; Editor
Modi wave not only makes difficult much more the political path of Rahul Gandhi but it also halted the beginning of Priyanka Gandhi.
Priyanka Gandhi played a vital role for the emergence of grand alliance. She had taken the command in her hand to make alliance openly and even got success, but her success could not come in the election result.
Congress drowned with SP. Many congress leaders have been supporting to assign the command of party in her hand in place of Rahul Gandhi.
However she had been evading continuously to attend the politics and kept her presence only up to Raibarrely.
She opted to do politics openly to the UP assembly election first time.
No matter she descended in campaign, but she tried to find the ground for congress at political level at least.
She negotiated with Akhilesh and his wife Dimple coming ahead.
 It was her important role to make alliance between both parties.
Senior leader of Congress, Ahmad Patel had tweeted, “Priyanka Gandhi and high command played a vital role to make alliance.”
Congress will never accept to let Priyanka control the party command with failure.
It was said that Prasant Kishore was negotiating for alliance on behalf of Congress, but at last in the month of December last year and end of January this year, Priyanka had controlled the command of this tie up. Priyanka talked with Dimple and both parties agreed to the grand alliance.
The day 11 march emerged as the day of mandate in assembly election 2017. the congress, Samajwadi party, the BJP, the BSP and others, which have been ruling parties in the state so the results, which they faced, is not unprecedented so far ; but the public, since last two elections, have already proved with their votes that the government should be in full fledged majority.
The franchise of votes go in one direction so it cannot be said the popularity worked here -- and if so, why the sitting CM who was close to the people have lost the mandate badly.
If we investigate, we find that somewhere the access of people to the rulers if fails, the result falls unsolicited.
Let us examine the flaws of administration.
1-Security among People?
2-Empowered Corrupt Vs Weak Honest
3-Unemployment among Mass and Biasness in its Distribution
4- Development
5-Bogus Assurance.
Rural reside in heat, cold, and dust. Their first basic need is what they have obtained from their fore fathers should be safe at least. Rural reside in heat, cold, and dust. Their first basic need is what they have obtained from their fore fathers should be safe at least. The minimum livelihood could they earn. The welfare scheme by the government should be in their access. The opportunity to raise the life status should not be snatched from them by organized way.
The discipline of police department is the basics and its services should be effective which make society safe, but the party had no agenda to develop the perfect skills in practices.
 Perhaps the ruling party had lost its contacts to the grassroots level and the feedback agent were those party workers who had the habit to live in comfort; but the problems of constituent people in the areas were neither solved, nor reached up to party hierarchy. The secretaries were only writing on being complaint to the concerning officer, but they were not reviewing the progressive result.
In this shining UP and its powerful system, a peasant can make anyhow his access up to higher office once or twice and can complain, but the application runs to and fro. The shuttling of application becomes an unending game.
The MLAs, after winning the election, are involved in yours and mines and are deviated from the core purpose. The marginalizing their contacts with the original people in their constituency they become rulers from public delegate which distance them from public.
Of 403 seats, the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is placed to win 325. Akhilesh Yadav, on the other hand, had accrued 47, with his junior partner, the Congress, proving party pooper by adding just another seven.
The 44-year-old Chief Minister today earned the distinction of being vanquished in the BJP's biggest ever result in India's most important state.
Now the result has proved in UP his and his party efforts failed, while the congress is the winner in Punjab, Goa, and Manipur.
Mr Ravishankar Prasad, Union Minister, said with media on BJP win in UP and UK that it is a revolution. Ms Mayawati had also said in her public rally that the BSP is a revolution.
 The BJP is backed by RSS, its cadre campaigned better door to door for BJP and change in power is no change in society. In fact no society has ever been totally transformed. To understand any post-win society we need to understand what happened before as well as what actually happened. And what is claimed to have happened, afterwards. Nothing happens quite as is hoped for beforehand or later claimed.
Any win, including the great win, needs viewing in two ways: as an event or a series of events in a fairly precise time; and as a process that may continue through all subsequent time. The APP failed to create a new, just and lasting social order. But it opened up new hopes and ideas everywhere.
The idea even emerged that there could be a conscious but gradual move towards much the same goals of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’.

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