CM Yogi’s preach… or strong message to the officers

The chief minister of UP, no matter he has not call his cabinet meeting so far, but his fervor about his working genre  and the relation with the officers in the state are being appeared. He, addressing to the party workers on Sunday in Gorakhpur BJP office, said many important things which were the strong message to the officers.
Yogi: no matter I am CM; no matter, remaining other companions are ministers here; but the posts are not a fate – it is responsibility much more!
We will prevail such situation within two months that the people will understand how the government runs and how should it run?
We are not here like a reveler, but to work here 18 to 20 hours; whoever can be efficient to work so may stay here; otherwise they wrap their bags and baggage.
The sheltered mafia, goons, criminals, plunderers under government power – all must go either leaving Uttar Pradesh or such place will be for them – where nobody will ever like to go.
The poor whoever were unheard so far; we are going to work for them. This bjp government will not let a single person even sleep hunger in UP.
.There will be no girl whose marriage cannot be performed in lack of money – this responsibility we are going to perform.
We will buy 100% wheat; all the committees have been restored. Our teams are arriving here tomorrow or day after tomorrow – exactly order is  about to issue.-
We are deciding that the power supply should be sufficient – the change in electric supply must have been in Gorakhpur ; the change will be appeared in remaining places too.
Those who used to steal, used to get stolen, and filled their home – they all are being releaved. None of them who robbed and were ruining the future of people in the state will be around the power; it is vow to us.
The road should be free from pothole till 15th June in UP. Do inspect it, all the public delegates; and if somewhere appears lapse, send me only a message. We will self arrange everything..
The cadre of organization have not to see heat; nor cold; and nor any season. Whatever the public has assigned us – we have to introduce them about that responsibility.
Any of our public delegate and office bearer must not interfere in, and contract of, any project of government – only do the monitoring and send the report to the ministers, and copy should be forwarded to me..

          How the government money can be utilized will be seen in UP. Where to be 24 hours electric supply; where to be pothole free road; where to be law and order – that will be Uttar Pradesh.                                                                                                                            

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