Girl protested Triple Talaq by Marrying

Muslim cleric and personal law board are protesting to end the Triple Talaq, but some Muslim girls are crossing the new limits to break this restriction in Muslim society. A matter has surfaced in Falodi town 150 Kilometer away from Jodhpur.
A girl name Taslima who dubbed the Triple Talaq misconduct performed her marriage with a Hindu boy. Both celebrated their rituals of marry in a temple. The marriage has been a point of discussion in entire town. The people are going to see this nuptial couple from distant.

Taslima told Hindu Dharma after marriage a women' respecting religion. She has assumed that it is a religion where, all women are treated as sisters and daughters except the wife, but many marriages system have been allowed in Muslim society and no tacit acceptance of girl's confidence is taken while deciding the marriage relation.

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