Innocent People targeted in Mosul Clash;every corner has death orgy

Mosul, a second big city of Iraq, is going to be the witness of fierce warfare of decades during these days. The common citizen are being targeted from both side in the blood conflict to occupy over the city between Iraqi armies coalition and ISIS.
  According to the UN report, more than 300 people have been killed in spilling fight of western part of city since 17th February while more than 273 people were injured. Of these, 240 people have been targeted in American air strike on 17th March.
25 hideout of ISIS in Al-jaded district by these attacks had been destroyed, according to American defense ministry; but the international media confirmed killing the hundreds of people in this attack.
Iraqi defense ministry has confirmed 61 deaths. The American officers are accepting that it is very big matter of public deaths during any war operation of US in the recent  years.
The people trying to flee from the clash are being targeted from both side firing. Every person of the people, trying to cross the Tigris River, is being targeted by the terrorists’ firing. The Iraqi armies, viewing them as terrorist, are shooting at a sight. The people who are staying in the city are being used as a shield by the ISIS terrorists.
A big shortage of essential commodities has been reported in Mosul because of war zone. The people are subject to pick the edible from garbage. The milk, the vegetables and fruit have been disappeared from the market. The children are in bad condition. The women are forced to out on road begging.  Most people are surviving on bread and water. The petrol in lieu of water is being taken as exchange and there is blackout every corner since last many months.

The fresh clash in Mosul is continued since October 2016. The Kurd fighters moreover Iraq and American army are together. The operation to free Mosul, after the ISIS occupation in 2014, had been carried out in the beginning of year 2015 and 2016. The adjoining areas of this city have been freed in these operations. Now the Western part of Mosul is in the possession of terrorists.

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