Mohd Ahzam; NEW DELHI
The flare of Jats' agitation has made its access to Delhi. Jats from adjoining states of Delhi have begun to gather at Jantar Mantar. According to information, The Jats from Haryana, Himanchal, UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajsthan and Madhya Pradesh are going to join this agitation. The leaders have guided to the protesters to reach Delhi from different states via Mahendra Garh, Rewadi, Pataudi and Gurgram.

Huge demonstrators, boarded on vans, tractors and on trolley, are marching toward Delhi. This may create difficulties in Delhi traffic at many places to the people..
 The agitation may affect the supply of essential commodities in coming days.
 “The demonstration will continue until fulfill the demands. government will have to find its solution”, said Yashpal Malik in his statement.
The gathering of Jats have surged in hundreds of demonstrators.
Delhi Haryana borders are under high-alert, and police patrolling is continued.
Delhi police has set up the Check Posts at Tikri and Jhadauda borders near Bahadurgarh.
Tractors trolley will not be permitted to enter in the capital.
The security have been tightened nearby and Jantar-Mantar areas.
The leaders of Jats reservation struggle committee after the demonstration will give a memorandum. The date of siege to parliament will be decided here on the reservation issue. The jat leaders will decided today the agenda of agitation. The economic blockade of Delhi may be recommended here to include into proposals by the Jats leaders.

The Jat leaders have warned if the demands are not duly considered, they will begin the non-cooperation after the 13th March. That the supply of essential commodities will be curbed under the non-cooperation has been announced; That jats will not pay the electric and water bills have been appealed.

The reasons behind this agitation are that Jats are demanding reservation in services and the people who have been arrested last year must be released from jail. The kin of those people who were killed during the demonstration must be appointed in government service; injured, must be given the compensation; and the action against those officials who had taken actions against Jats must be taken. The 30 people were killed and 200 were injured during the Jat agitation when erupted violence.

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