Life Term for Two in Dargah Blast Case

A pressure cooker bomb had exploded in Dargah of famous Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer(a shrine of Muslim faith) on October 11, 2007, which had caused 3 casualties while 15 more were injured. Police had recovered an unidentified bag during the search aftermath, which had timer patched live bomb. The matter was referred to NIA. NIA in its investigation had found 13 people accused in the blast.
Swami Ashimanand, Devendra Gupta, Chandra Shekhar Levey, Mukesh Waswani, Lokesh Sharma, Harsh Bharat, Mohan Ratishwar, Sandeep Dange, Ramchandra Kalsara, Bhawesh Patel, Suresh Nair and Mehul were the accused in this blast case.
Sunil Joshi has been murdered and other, Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalsara, are yet to nab.
The NIA special court found culprit Bhavesh Patel and RSS leader Devendra Gupta, has sentenced life term and also imposed fine Rs 10000 on Patel and Rs 5000 on Gupta.
In this case, defense lawyer JS Rana said that the sentence was pronounced on the basis of probabilities. We will surely challenge it.
When the case was in special court this month on 16th March, both parties had argued before the court for the sentence of Devendra Gupta and Bhawesh patel. After hearing the both parties the court had differed its verdict till wednesday 22 March.

The NIA Special Court Jaipur, giving its verdict, found culprit three persons; namely, Bhwesh Patel, Devendra Gupta and Sunil Joshi, while 5 others were acquitted. NIA court had given clean chit to a RSS leader, Indresh Kumar;  and Swami Asimanand was acquitted too. 

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