Modi will be first choice of people in 2019: US Experts

The BJP, under the leadership of PM Modi, won the election in UP and Uttarakhand; and Modi is receiving congratulatory messages from the world for this win.
American experts are guessing that this win of PM Modi exhibits clearly that the PM Modi will be the first choice in general election 2019.
Assitant professor of Political science and international affairs in George Washington University of America, Adam Ziegfeld’s assumption is that the recent assembly election has no big difference than in 2014
The results are unprecedented like ago. The candidates of BJP have won defeating their rival candidates with big margin. Sadanand Dhume of American enterprise institute said the win shows that the PM Modi will be people’s first choice in 2019, he will be able to repeat his government.
However another professor, Irfan Nuruddin said  the BJP will not gain majority in 2019, but it will make government through alliance. He said that the BJP had promoted campaign very closely in these states, and the opposition will have to be together to defeat Modi in 2019.
According to Sadanand Dhume, the decision of demonetization before election was liked by the people. The people, despite facing difficulties, supported PM Modi. Experts predict that PM Modi will implement his other decisions rapidly after this win.

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