Yogi asked officers to file their income tax, movable and immovable wealth detail within 15 days

Monday is the first day of Yogi government after taking charge of UP government. He held meeting on first day with the principal secretaries and the officers of different department. The officers from different districts held meeting with CM at Lok Bhawan. Yogi had all officers administered the oath for cleanliness and clarity in standing position in a file, and talked with officers about future road map.
Yogi asked all officers to submit the details of their wealth. Yogi has directed the officers to file their income tax, movable and immovable wealth detail within 15 days. Yogi said to read the resolution and to implement it. Two DyCMs, Principal Secretaries, special secretaries and secretaries – all were present in the meeting. The directives for the future planning and working have been issued.
The order has been issued to chalk out the need, plan and prospects of government priorities work..
The way of preparation and the details, whichever promises are to implement about, in the first cabinet meeting has been said in this meeting to prepare. The review report of the work which has been done so far said to prepare.
CM Yogi held a meeting with his two deputies to allocate the departments among the ministers earlier this meeting in Lucknow guest house. Mr Hriday Narain Dixit may be the next Assembly speaker and the both his deputies can hold portfolios of finance and home departments.
The name plate at the chief minister residence has changed, but yogi has not gone there yet. The CM residence will be sung hymn of rituals before yogi’s entry. The adoration and Rudrabhishek function in the residence are being prepared to fulfill first

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