Oscar 2017 goes to Moonlight; movie touches the heart

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read from the wrong envelope
Moonlight has been awarded Oscar for the year 2017. The story of a Homosexual Black Man, Sheron, who had flourished among ruthless atmosphere of Miami, depicted around his life.
The story is based on 3 chapters only. First part of film is little in which Sheron is a 10 years child whose care is done by open-hand Cuban drug dealer and his girlfriend. Middle segment shows on young Sheron when he came to know his sexuality, and he is attracted with his close friend. In the final chapter, shows the relation between Sheron’s past and present.
The movie released on 17th February and it got 8 nominations in Oscar. Film director is Barry Zenkins. Meharshala Ali, and Duan Sanderson – all are in lead role.
89TH award ceremony was held in Dolby theater at California. A moment of this best festival was such as the announcement of award was mistaken and presenter announced the name of other movie; but error of announcement was corrected later.
Actually, veteran actor, Warren Beatty spoke movie name 'La La Land' while announcing. Later it was told that the name announcement was incorrect; best movie award now goes to moonlight. It was promptly corrected.
However the team of ‘La La Land was on stage. Subsequently it was corrected.
Waren Beaty said that he was given by mistake that envelop which had inscribed Emma Stone name for La La Land. he was confused then... and announced the name La La Land

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